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Jul 21, 2012

Saturday Night Music: Guns n' Roses

Appetite For Destruction turns 25 years old today and though we'll likely never seen Guns n' Roses back in its original form, we'll always have this beast of a debut album (My favorite album of all time).

Sep 16, 2011

YouTube Gems: Guns n' Roses

As big of a fan as I am of country and other rootsy genres, Guns n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction is my favorite album of all time, bar none. It's also on my every-Friday playlist. From that classic, here's the classic lineup with Nightrain.

Nov 20, 2010

YouTube Junk: Guns n' Roses

GNR (at least the first couple of incarnations) is one of my all time favorite bands, but admittedly, they put out some garbage at times. The Spaghetti Incident is where things really fell apart (though it did have a few good songs). From that album of mostly punk covers, here is "Since I Don't Have You." Not only is it an awful cover of The Skyliners' original, the video is truly horrendous. Is this the same band that put out November Rain?


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