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Jul 16, 2021

What is Aaron Lewis Doing in This Picture?


Scanning the south Texas horizon for immigrants

Remembering how bad he f***ed up the National Anthem

Hunting relevance

Being on the outside, but he’s looking in

Looking for Fred Durst’s career

On training mission for a militia he just joined, but he’s pretty sure they just dumped in him the wilderness

Thinking of a line to rhyme with “Biden ain’t my President”

Taking a short rest because it’s hard work carrying around all that anger

Pondering what a collaboration with Ricky Skaggs would sound like

Searching for missing Arizona ballots

Testing out his new pattern called Qamouflage

Looking for the missing “e” in his band’s name

Hiding out from hitmen hired by Bruce Springsteen

Ticking off another box on his “country cred” card


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