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Jul 7, 2023

Mixed Music Action, Vol. 2, No. 3

By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton


The UFC’s “International Fight Week” is upon us, which means hard-hitting analysis from your rough-and-tumble troubadour and humble scribe. Oh, and there’s talk of potential musical collaborations, too. Let’s dive in.


Kevin:  Early July means International Fight Week in Vegas, and the UFC has put together a good -- maybe not great, but really solid -- card for its 290th pay per view. Alex Volkanovski -- whom I think is the toughest fighter in MMA -- will defend his belt for the fifth time against Yair Rodriguez. Featherweight champ Brandon Moreno seems to fight about every two months, and he's a slight favorite over Alex Pantoja for the flyweight belt. 


The one that has me really intrigued is the middleweight scrap between former champ Robert "Bobby Knuckles" Whitaker and Driscus du Plessis. Whitaker is a heavy favorite; I think there's a big chance for an upset. Bo Nickal, the freakish former Penn State wrestler...well, the UFC is certainly pacing him along in the early stages of his career; he's a -2,400 favorite over...who knows, it doesn't matter.


Finally, Ruthless Robbie Lawler will retire after his fight with Niko Price -- and they put Robbie on the prelim card. 


So, that's a lot to choose from. What stands out and piques your interest on this card?


Jeremy:  Anytime I can see Volk fight it’s entertaining. He’s a motherfucker. Might be one of my favorites right now. I feel like he’s fighting on a whole other level than anyone else right now. The way he pieced Holloway up was so impressive. He went the distance with Islam; he’s the man. 


Yair is cool and expressive and I guess he’s on a little run, so we’ll see. And you’re right: The card isn’t great. They gave Robbie to the prelims, and he probably needed to retire sooner. But as an artist sometimes we can’t or won’t see it. It’s not my call but he’s a legend. Who’s Bo Nickal?


Kevin: Such a hater. International Fight Week also means a new class of fighters inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. This year's honorees are: Former middleweight champ (and a top 5 in the GOAT conversation) Anderson Silva; Jose Aldo; Jens Pulver (the first 155 champ in the UFC); and Cowboy Cerrone who...well, he's the only UFC fighter to appear on Justified


Thoughts on this class?


Hahaha you’re a Justified freak. Cowboy is the man, and that’s exciting. Also, Jesus, Silva changed things. He was different. All good news.


Kevin: Sheesh. You’d think a Kentucky boy would like Justified, one of the best TV shows of the last decade. I guess Yellowstone is more your speed, but don’t get me started. Anyway, it may be because I just finished the Showtime miniseries George and Tammy (it's extremely well done, BTW), but I've been thinking about duets of late. Have you ever recorded a duet with a lady, and is it something you might like to do?


Jeremy: I would never turn down a duet, but I also don’t care if I ever do one so…


I’ve never seen the George and Tammy thing, but it looks cool and my buddy Logan Ledger appears on an episode or two, from what I understand. He’s an amazing artist in his own right.


Kevin: Oh, wow, yeah. He played Georgie Riddle, one of the original Jones Boys. Very cool. 


I know you didn't ask my opinion -- hey, it's never stopped me -- but might I humbly suggest your fellow Kentuckian Kelsey Waldon? Prine (praise be upon him) was impressed enough to sign her to his label, and I know for a fact she gives a good interview. What more do you need, and how do we make this (brilliant) idea happen?


Jeremy: Kelsey is good people and she has her own thing, and no one sounds like her. She’s killer.


Kevin: A tad non-committal, but let’s move on. 


As long as I'm brainstorming and dispensing career advice, hear me out on this one. The completely sane Leroy Virgil -- who digs your stuff -- has a steel player (Chuck "Utah" Bradley) who's also into jiu-jistu. I sent Leroy our last Mixed Music Action column, he's now convinced that Hellbound Glory needs to do a mini-tour with Jeremy Pinnell. "At least," he said, "we won't have to pay for security." Whaddya think, Cuz? I say it makes perfect sense. 


Jeremy: Well, I’m a huge Hellbound Glory fan, first of all. I think “Dial 911” might be one of my favorite country songs of all time. It’s perfect. I would never turn that tour down.



Kevin: Yeah, that’s probably my favorite cut from the Pure Scum album. Leroy’s voice is damn near perfect. 


As we close this one out, you been listening to any cool music lately? Tell me something good. 


Jeremy: Cool music? Hmm.  Croy and the Boys just released a killer single called “I Get By,” and it’s my new favorite. So, I’ve been going back through their catalog and have been enjoying that. I’ve also been listening to a podcast called “Breaking Points” that gets me current and through the day. So, that’s my life.


Kevin: Okay, buddy. Good talk. I know you’re on the road later this month (ahem, still no Atlanta dates), so stay safe out there. Talk soon.


Apr 7, 2023

Mixed Music Action: Vol. 2, No. 3


By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton

Easter weekend features another big UFC event, but the month of April sees yet more honors for one half of your MMA team of correspondents. Maybe Jeremy’s thinking to himself, “Wow! If I’d start collaborating with Kevin sooner, I’d have a Grammy by now, and maybe a slot on ‘Dana White’s Contender Series.’”

Read on.

KB: Another edition of Mixed Music Action brings yet more glory for my partner. Not only are you an Ameripolitan award winner, you're getting it done on the mat, too. I believe you won a silver and a bronze in your first jiu-jitsu competition; I have so many questions! Were you nervous? Will this fuel your hunger for more competition? Heck, JP, what was it like?

JP: I got the gold in “gi” and bronze in “no gi,” Kevin. I tell you what, my first match I felt very heavy. All my strength was gone. I had some difficult “no gi” matches but won 2 of 4 -- it was a round robin tournament. I hated it, but the reward came later after a day or two. I felt centered and at peace. I think I needed to see where I was at, and it made me a better human being. Testing yourself. I have a deep respect for people who put it all out there in the ring, octagon or mat. I don’t know what’s in store, I know I need to keep training and we’ll go from there.

KB: Gold and bronze! A thousand pardons, sir, and hearty congratulations.

I've been wanting to ask about your songwriting process for a while now. I assume everyone's experience and technique vary from song to song. A couple years ago when we talked about Goodbye LA (the title cut specifically,) you said the band was loading in for a show and someone commented that as hot as SoCal women are, "they don't want babies," and that became the genesis of the song.

Let's pick another one, because I'm pretty sure it's my favorite song of yours, "The Ballad of 1892." (I get the feeling it's a go-to for you, too.) What went into that song? What was the inspiration, and how did you work it out?

JP: My process has changed over the years. I’m usually on the go, so I write in my head if I have a melody or hear something that sparks an idea. I never used to write anything down and I typically don’t but, in my older age I want to start making a record; that is, something to leave my son.

“The Ballad of 1892” came from a book I read by Emma Goldman; it was the story of her and Alexander Berkman and the assassination attempt they made on Henry Clay Frick -- a known union buster and all around shit bag. I didn’t agree with everything in the book, but she would say things like “We’re slaves to the whip, and we love it.” After the attempt Alexander went to prison and Emma hid out in brothels, helping the women take care of themselves. It’s just a hillbilly version of anarchism and a nod to the working class. The boss needs us; we don’t need the boss.

KB: There's been some movement in the world of Mixed Martial Arts since last we checked in. Jon Jones is now the UFC heavyweight king, and he made it look ridiculously easy. I expected more out of Cyril Gane, to be honest. Stipe Miocic is next up for Bones, but it's hard for me to see anyone giving him a problem so long as Francis Nganou is MIA. Your thoughts?

JP: Man, Stipe looks old and Jon is no joke. I want to see Francis and Jon, period. That’s the fight for me. 

KB: You and me both. Dana’s gonna have to come off the wallet, though. Maybe he’ll have some extra dough now that the UFC bought the WWE (don’t even get me started.)

Back to UFC 286, the biggest shock had to be Valentina "Bullet" Shevchinko losing her belt; one misplaced reverse kick, and she's choked out. One has to think there will be a rematch pretty soon, because she's second only to Amanda Nunes in terms of dominant female fighters. What say you?

JP: I saw Grasso train for that exact back-take. They knew it was coming; Bullet was losing her composure the entire fight. Grasso was just waiting for the right moment, and it paid off. 

KB: This weekend's UFC 287 features a middleweight rematch for the belt Israel Adesanya lost to Alex Pereira last fall. Any chance Israel tries to grapple a little bit? Because as Sean Strickland (and Izzy) showed, standing in the pocket and banging with a world-class kickboxer ain't smart. 

JP: I’m excited about this main event. I feel like Izzy did really well last time, but Alex caught up with him. Alex is scary but so is Israel. I think you’re right about grappling. Might need to do something different which will be interesting if that’s the case.

KB: Finally, the co-main event features a fan favorite badly in need of a win -- Jorge Masvidal -- against Gilbert Burns. Street Jesus wants to keep this fight on the feet, but Burns will have other ideas. What are you looking for in this fight?

JP: Burns is gonna smoke Jorge.

KB: I think you’re right, Champ. Till next time, we’ll think about an attempted murder of an all-around shit bag.

Mar 3, 2023

Mixed Music Action Vol. 2 No. 2

By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton


The first weekend of March brings martial arts fans a much-awaited Pay Per View and the return of a legend to the UFC octagon…


Wait! What’s this? Some breaking news? Hold on…



KB: Let's start off with the "music" portion this week, because we've got an award winner up in here! When I peeped your tour dates before our last edition, I noticed a Memphis gig for the Ameripolitan Awards. For folks who don't know, these awards are the brainchild of Dale Watson and fall into three broad categories: honky tonk, rockabilly and outlaw. And who walked away with the "Male Honky Tonk" prize? Our very own grappler/songwriter/journalist!


You're in some high cotton, buddy, so congratulations. I have to ask first: Did you have an inkling you were the winner when you booked the gig? In any case, how much does this honor -- bestowed by your peers -- mean to you?


JP: It was a cool experience; I’ve always been a huge fan of Dale’s. I didn’t think I’d win, so I didn’t even have a speech prepared. Maybe next time, if there is one. I’m not one for fancy stuff and getting dolled up (KB – “Say it ain’t so!”) but it was a neat experience and I’m very grateful to be a part of. We went to Graceland, which is a trap, bro. DO NOT GO, unless it’s not busy and you’re not on a time schedule. We had Checkers for post celebration dinner and KFC twice. So, we didn’t starve.



KB: Before we look ahead to this week's pay per view, UFC 284 featured a super fight for the ages. Nobody -- you and me included -- expected anything other than a finish by Islam Makhachev over Alex Volkanovski. Lo and behold, Alex took him the distance; and two of three judges had Volk winning two rounds out of five. What a fight; Alex is the toughest sumbitch in the UFC. Change my mind.


JP: Alex is tight. It was such a great fight; I couldn’t look away. Makhachev’s wrestling didn’t look as sound as people put on. He’s no Khabib. His stand up didn’t look bad, but Volk is a tank. I loved that fight; probably gonna watch it again.


KB: We have a highly anticipated main event for UFC 285, but before that let's talk about an up-and-comer in the first bout of the main card. Bo Nickal was a phenomenal wrestler (184 lbs.) at Penn State. He barely missed making the Olympic team, and was the Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year in 2018, when that conference produced nine first-team All-Americans in football and four NBA first-round picks. 


Nickal won his contract on "The Dana White Contenders Series," and I'm finding it hard to stay off the hype train. He's a -2000 favorite over journeyman middleweight Jamie Pickett, meaning for a bettor to win $100, he must risk two grand. He certainly has the look of a star in the making; what will you look for in his big-stage debut?


JP:  I mean he’s a wrestler, I watched him hitting the pads and it seems like something is off. I’m not on the hype train. I’m curious to see what he’ll do.


KB: Hmm. I’ll remember this when you try to climb on the train later.  And of course, we have the long-awaited return to the octagon for Jonny "Bones" Jones, easily one of the two or three greatest mixed martial artists of all time. It's been three years since Jones has fought, and he's moved up to heavyweight from 205. He's a slight betting favorite over Cyril Gane, a silky-smooth, athletic striker – and two-time world Muay Thai champ -- who's finished some top heavyweights like Black Beast Lewis and Bam Bam Tuivasa. 


Lots of wildcards in this fight; what will you be watching for, JP? Also, we’ve got a women’s flyweight title: Valentina “The Bullet” Shevchenko will defend her strap.


JP: Honestly I’m stoked to see Jon fight. Gane is an animal. I might buy this pay per view. Stoked about the bullet fight. She’s fun to watch.


KB: It's been a while since we've asked you for a musical recommendation, Honky Tonk King. You still in a techno-pop groove? What's in your rotation these days?


JP:  I’ve been listening to Mariel Buckley. She has a record called Everywhere I Used to Be. It’s pretty tight. Also, I’ve been listening a little to Mightmare, (a Sarah Shook side project) which is good. I haven’t fully dug in.


Feb 11, 2023

Mixed Music Action, Vol. 2, No. 1


By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton

Welcome to the second year of periodic installments of “Mixed Music Action,” a Farce The Music Production. This week, Jeremy and Kevin ponder the question: “What do you say to Dana White’s wife if you see she has two black eyes?”

(Spoiler: “Nothing. Dana’s already told her twice.”)

Actually, they talk about other stuff, too. Read on.

Happy New year, pal. Before we look ahead to a new season of UFC pay-per-views, I think the last half of 2022 merits a look back; belts changed hands in three weight divisions where champs looked to have those straps on lockdown. In August, Leon "Rocky" Edwards won welterweight gold in perhaps the greatest Cinderella finish in UFC history.

In October, Islam Makhachev was scary good against lightweight king Charles Oliveira, making it look easy against the dude who had cleaned out the 155 division. And in November, middleweight champ Israel Adesanya was stopped by punches from Alex Pereira in the final round. 

Two of these bouts (Usman/Edwards and Adesanya/Pereira) are already scheduled for title rematches. On paper, it looks like Kamaru Usman is most likely to get his belt back. Pereira seems more likely -- to me, anyway -- to retain the 185 title; he's a bad man. 

Your thoughts on how long these new champs might reign?

A lot did happen, and honestly, I’m not super excited. I think you’re right, unfortunately. I’d like to see Edwards keep the belt because Usman is such a bore. I also think Periera will win but that fight was close until the last round. Could be interesting. It’s exciting to think who could take out Makhachev. He made light work out of Oliveira

And oh, by the way, we've got ourselves a superfight this weekend. The aforementioned Makhachev will put his lightweight belt on the line against featherweight champ Alex Volkanovski, currently ranked as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Islam is a considerable favorite, but he's going up against one of the most well-rounded fighters in the game. What's your analysis of this bout, and how do you see it ending?

I don’t know man, Volk pieced Max Holloway up and it was super impressive. He was on a different level. The size difference is pretty crazy between Volk and Makhachev. I could see Islam taking it in the second or third round. His wrestling is another level. I’m actually excited about this fight; I have been for a while.

I think Alex hangs around early, but Islam finishes him in the third.

Something kind of odd about this fight: There's been relatively little noise, promotion-wise. If you look on social media, sports sites, Youtube, etc., it's been pretty quiet. Islam actually wondered aloud why the UFC didn't send him and Volk on a worldwide publicity tour, and I think he has a fair point. Seems like Zuffa (UFC's parent company) has spent more time and money promoting Dana White's "power slap league." Do you think this is because Dana White himself is focused on winning that promotion's Co-ed Championship?

Honestly, let’s just get to it: Power Slap is a fucking joke and makes the UFC look cheap. What a bad move! I blocked PS on my social media and then they start pushing it on the UFC page, and so I dig into the comments and it’s getting so much hate. People think it’s the worst. What a bad move on Dana’s and the UFC’s part. I feel sorry for those idiots, just standing there slapping each other. What a waste of existence. They’re so much in the fight game, so many stories, and they took a fucking dump on all of it with that dumb ass shit. Fuck, it makes me mad.

Got it. I’ll put you down as “undecided.”

Bold prediction by me: By the end of 2023, Islam Makhachev holds both the lightweight and welterweight titles. Am I crazy?

You’re not crazy, it seems totally legit. If you’re right, then you can buy me dinner. You’re welcome.

Let's hop in the musical way-back machine and visit one of the more confounding bands in country music, Son Volt. A decade ago, they (well, it's Jay Farrar & whichever musicians he's assembled) released Honky Tonk, which I consider second only to the groundbreaking, revolutionary Trace. I mean, is there a better waltz with double fiddles than "Hearts and Minds?"

Farrar can be all over the map, album to album; a few are timeless classics, while others leave me scratching my head. 

What are your thoughts on Son Volt overall, and how big is their impact on country music from your perspective?

Jay was one of my original influences more than 25 years ago. I was a big fan of Uncle Tupelo and leaned more towards Jay rather than Jeff. I never was a huge Wilco fan. Jay always kept with a more traditional sound -- which I liked -- and Jeff was making noise or whatever he was doing. Trace is one of my favorite records. Haven’t really listened to Honky Tonk too much because by the time that came out there were so many better country records to come, out and it almost seemed a little late. Don’t hate. You asked.

Clown. At least you know Son Volt is far superior to Wilco.

Turning our attention to Jeremy, your tour dates page shows a gradual start to 2023's road work. Should fans expect to see the schedule fill up pretty soon? And does a light tour schedule correspond to an increased jiu-jitsu workload? 

You know what, I’m gonna take it easy this year and do what I want only. Sometimes you find yourself hitting the pavement and it doesn’t feel good. I did, however, sign up for my first Jiu Jitsu tournament in March. So, I’m getting to class more because I don’t want to go get beat up. I will dominate. I think we’ll be heading to Texas at some point and a few other things but that’s about it for now.

Jeremy Pinnell, right, with instructor Blayne Hodges

Aight, stud. Choke somebody’s ass out in March. Talk soon.

Dec 9, 2022

Mixed Music Action, Vol. 1 No. 7

By Jeremy Pinnell and Kevin Broughton


It’s the Christmas season, and Mixed Martial Arts fans must have been naughty. Why else would the sport’s lead promotion treat viewers to such a lump of coal for UFC 282, the last pay-per-view event of 2022? 


But fear not, as Pinell and Broughton have plenty to re-cap from some outstanding recent bouts…before a certain Bluegrass singer/grappler descends into some ugly music criticism.


It's been a minute, what with life intervening before the last PPV -- which was tits -- and this next one, which is...geez, this is an easy layup, ass. 


Let's talk about a belt switching waists first, because Islam Makhachev made it look easy: Fewer than two rounds to submit a (technically, former) champ, after all Charles Oliveira had done was finish Chandler, Gaethje and Poirier. As stacked as this 155 division is, do you see anyone being a problem for Makhachev anytime soon? To me, he's Khabib with better striking.


Honestly, I think Volkanovski is gonna be a challenge for Islam [in Australia in February.] His fight with Holloway made it look like he was on a whole other level, I was super impressed. And it will put his name at the top if he beats Islam. Also, it looked like Charles got gassed with Islam. The grappling between the two was very technical and entertaining. I was kinda bummed for Oliviera. Also, I agree about Islam’s striking being on point.


As impressive as that fight was -- and there were several on that UFC 280 card -- my "fight of the year" clubhouse leader is the freaking war between the aforementioned "Iron" Michael Chandler and Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier at UFC 281. (Oh by the way, Izzy lost his belt.) After a lot of jawing back and forth pre-fight, these warriors showed great respect and sportsmanship after a crazy fight. Thoughts?


The Poirier/ Chandler fight was so intense for 2 1/2 rounds I was tuned in. You literally couldn’t take your eyes off the screen. In my opinion it sealed the deal; MMA is a top sport and nothing can compare to the fight game when you see a fight like that. I’d like to see Izzy and Alex run it again. That would make for an entertaining fight.


Speaking of great sportsmanship, how about that Wonder Boy -- Kevin Holland fight? Holland's a warrior -- broke his hand early -- and I could see Thompson going into the ministry after retiring. 


 Seeing wonder boy and holland have such respect for each other and still have such a dog fight was entertaining. Holland is a tough dude. Good call stopping the fight. 


‘Tis the season, so what are your favorite sacred and secular Christmas songs?


Sacred for me would be “Blue Christmas” by The King. I’m not really into religious stuff, as it tends to put a damper on things. Don’t get mad, Kevin.  Secular is the new normal for daddy. It would have to be “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon.


All we are saying is give boredom a chance. Oof.


Got to see Turnpike for the first time in late October. The first opening act kinda stunned me: Five or six guys, all from the Atlanta area, called The Hogslop String Band. Home base is in Nashville, and the fiddle player told me that night that this was their first time playing as a band here in Fulton County.


Putting aside your blind spot -- I'll stop short of calling it "hate" -- for the Grateful Dead, how do these boys stand up as musicians?


Yea I’m still not feeling the dead, bruh. Can we all just admit it’s super boring music? It’s 2023, almost Kevin. Let’s stop pretending. Have a holly jolly Christmas, my friend. 


Sigh. They’re just doing a Dead cover. Mark my words, you’ll dig this hillbilly band at some point. Merry Christmas yourself, you ol’ hater. 


Aug 19, 2022

Mixed Music Action, Vol. 1 No. 5

By Kevin Broughton and Jeremy Pinnell


The Ultimate Fighting Championship takes its pay-per-view show on the road – to Salt Lake City, not a city typically associated with legalized violence – this weekend, so your humble correspondents are back to talk fightin’, singin’, and maybe other stuff. Let’s go…


KB:  So, we’ve got UFC 278 this weekend, and I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s not an electrifying card. I think Leon Edwards has earned his shot at the belt, but it’s not a compelling main event. You don’t like doing predictions, but I will squeeze you for one pick: In which round do Luke Rockhold and his glass jaw go to sleep?


JPThe card isn’t super exciting, but Edwards and Usman are elite fighters. I guarantee it’ll be a good fight. And I’ll take Costa over Rockhold.  


KB: Hmm. I don’t think Luke makes it to Round 2. 


There are a couple of non-UFC 278 stories brewing below the surface, though. The Nigerian Nightmare – with Leon Edwards on his calendar this weekend – is already talking about a move up two weight classes, to 205. (He says he has no interest in fighting his buddy Adesanya at middleweight; understandable.) Here’s a hypothetical for you: It’s been obvious for a while now that the 205 division isn’t exactly loaded. If Usman were to jump to 205 and win that belt, isn’t he in the all-time GOAT conversation, if not the one himself? Thoughts?


JP:  Kamaru Usman would be a monster at 205. He’s already a spectacle in the octagon, but he lacks charisma. He’s not really likeable, which in unfortunate. Edwards, however, has the story: Overcoming a tough upbringing to find mixed martial arts, and rising to become an elite UFC star. If you’re boring, no one cares. 


KB: I’m not saying he’s the reason Usman might move up to light heavyweight, but there’s this a beast working his way up the 170 ladder right now, Khazmat Chimaev. He’s kind of scary, and by kind of, I mean terrifying. 


I think his only fight that’s been out of the first round was a unanimous decision over Gilbert Burns, himself a monster. 


So what does Dana White do? Matches him with Nate Diaz at UCF 279 next month…on the last fight of Nate’s current UFC contract. I hope Nate gets paid; why do you think Dana White wants him dead?


JP: Chimaev’s first real fight was Burns, and it was a brawl; probably his first real challenging fight in the UFC. Nate was the money fight. As an entertainment aspect, it was a solid choice. Nate has the tank and Chimaev has energy, but how long can he last? Gonna be entertaining. 


KB: Back in the Spring, you sang the National Anthem before a Reds game. My choir does it every summer at (whatever the Braves' park is currently called.) 

Jeremy sings the National Anthem (TikTok)


We have a dude on the front row who turns around and blows a pitch pipe, so we start off on-key.


(a) Were you nervous?


(b) You were on-pitch the entire time; had you practiced, and was there a key you were doing it in?


(c) Was that your first time doing the Anthem in a big setting? And,


(d) For Kentucky musicians, I’d guess “the Anthem at a Reds game” would fall just below “the Anthem at Rupp,” which has to trail only “My Old Kentucky Home at The Derby.” Do I have that right? 


JP: I was very nervous. I get nervous whenever I’m playing -- because I care -- but that nervousness is different. My throat went dry (ha ha.) I was shaking.  It wasn’t pleasant, but it made my family really happy and that’s why I did it. And I don’t know if I’d want to do it again unless it was Rupp or the derby.


KB: As we close things out…I’ve been begging you to listen to some new music for a while now. I was delighted when you sent me a Spotify link to a band I’d never heard of, Goose Creek Symphony. 


Which is odd, because they were formed in 1968. It’s like a different version of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The album you sent (“Welcome To Goose Creek”) debuted just a quarter-century ago. As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” What drew you to this “new” old band? Do you know any of these dudes? I know there’s a Kentucky contingent. Have you played with them?


JP: So, my buddy Arlo sent me that record a few months back and it reminded me of The Band a little. I dig it, and no, I don’t know these motherfuckers but I dig their sound. And Kevin, I didn’t want to tell you, but I’ve been diving back in the music. So maybe next card we can talk a little about it? 


KB: Sounds like a plan.




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