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Apr 20, 2018

Just My .02 on Coachella

On Coachella Culture and the "Death of Rock n' Roll"

by Robert Dean

I keep seeing these op/ed’s that all reek of the same lingo: “Rock and Roll is Dead! Bury it next to the family dog and tell all of your friends to burn their acoustic guitars, because beats are the future.” 

Repeat this tired headline, and you’ve got what’s been commented on, shared countless times across social media. Well, almost as much as people endlessly blabbering over BeyoncĂ©’s dance-off with her sister. 

Here’s the deal about Coachella: no one who likes rock and roll in any of its various forms gives a shit about Coachella. Coachella is a festival dedicated to false idealism, ultra-PC bullshit that’s so extreme no one believes it. Look, I’m Liberal as Fuck, but what pops off at the fashion fest for people who don’t actually like music is not what the rest of the world would consider as normal – avocado toast and all.

Back in the day, the desert festival was a unique mixture of all styles of music. Now that that pop culture isn’t aligned with anything holding a guitar, all things exciting are some nerds singing over music that sounds like it was created in a Gap bathroom. Hey, that’s fine and well, but know what scene you’re trying to sell to. Someone in a flower crown typically doesn’t have their finger on the pulse of what Turnstile is up to. 

Rock and Roll needs to move back into the recesses of popular culture and rethink what it’s been doing for the last twenty years. Since Grunge, we’ve had some pretty terrible trends that spawned stuff like Creed, System of A Down, Incubus, and 21 Pilots. Nothing has guts, and all of it is wack. Given the political and social climate of the country, you’d think there has to be a few bands brewing that are capable of capturing the masses once again. It’s possible, but we have to let certain sub-sects of the genre weed themselves out. 

Besides, who wants rock music to be super popular anyhow? Do you remember when wearing a leather jacket meant you didn’t give a shit and would fight a nun over the last beer? Or when having a face tattoo meant 'stay far away?' Now your barista has a face tattoo. Rock and Roll needs to get dangerous, get mean again. Don’t worry if David Byrne or the Flaming Lips aren’t drawing what they used to. All that means is the herd is thinning, and the die-hards will get better spots at the bar. 

Riot Fest is thriving because it celebrates the diversity of the music, not relying on cheap trends. There are festivals all over the country that are as good, too. Don’t worry that Rock and Roll is ringing the death bell; it’s just going back underground where it belongs. As long as guys like JD McPherson, Dale Watson, The Shack Shakers, and Jack White are still kicking, I think we’re ok.

Mar 30, 2018

The No Sleep Roundup w/Nathan Kalish, Devildriver, and Turnstile

by Robert Dean

Been grinding away lately. Burning the candle at both ends trying to get some creative projects to pop off while maintaining a busy writing schedule. Friday, I think I got a whopping four hours of sleep and at no point over the weekend did I ever get more than, like six. 

In this week’s roundup: 

Nathan Kalish dropped a new record, “I Want To Believe” that’s straight from the school of Conway Twitty and George Jones, but with a timbre that’s oddly satisfying. Kalish has an interesting delivery. “I Want To Believe” has an old-school sound that feels like tape; it’s unique, which is nice because, damn, I get a lot of stuff sent to me that sounds the same. Give Nathan Kalish a spin. It gives off the vibe that it’s a good record to smoke a joint to, which is always essential. Well, at least it is to me. 

Caleb from Cave In died. This one is a sword right to the guts. I’ve loved Cave In since I heard "Until Your Heart Stops", a bonafide hardcore classic. It breaks my heart to know Caleb died in such a terrible way. We were about to have him and the boys from MA back in our lives and just like that; he’s gone. Life is bananas, kids. Love the folks around you hard, because the next minute, they could be gone. The older I get, the more real this becomes. 
Please consider donating to his GoFundMe - dude is leaving behind a wife and two daughters. He wasn’t even 40 and a vet of the heavy music community for the last 20 years. 

Devildriver is releasing a “country covers” album that sounds as exciting as oral surgery. Deftones are working on a new one; hopefully, it pulls some White Pony magic out of the ether cuz I haven’t liked a Deftones record in almost 20 years. 

In other news that makes me want to stab a bbq spike into my throat, Godsmack is teasing a new video featuring Billy Ray Cyrus – two things the world a whole lot less of. Fucking awesome. 

As always, Desus & Mero is the funniest show on tv. Yes, I’m hipster scum who watches VICELAND all day long while I type stuff for you lovely folks. 

Turnstile is a band you should probably be listening to right now. Hardcore is evolving in a super exciting way. Knocked Loose, Harms Way, Code Orange, Jesus Piece, etc. There’s a lot of bands challenging the genre, and it’s a lot of fun to see these kids push the cultural dynamics in places other music is too afraid to. If there’s percolating artistry and anger in music that’s pushing boundaries for the better, it’s happening in hardcore music. Turnstile is cool because they’re mixing Snapcase with Gorilla Biscuits and even some Bad Brains, but it doesn’t feel throwback for the sake of doing so. 

That’s it. Enjoy your weekend. 


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