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Archives: The Infamous Drunk Hank Concert

I've reposted this so many times, but I can't help it. It's so damn funny.


Hank Williams Jr. - Sonny Boy Can Bely

Hank likes drinking.
Hank Jr's drunken 1992 Kansas City concert is something of a legend, which I only heard about this past weekend. Recordings of it have made the rounds on the interwebs before. Anyway, Hank is blasted out of his mind and slurs, cusses, makes up words and cusses some more. It's a glorious trainwreck. For your listening pleasure, I've included a link to Bocephus' take on "A Country Boy Can Survive" (which, in parts, is sung "sonny boy can bely"). I've also made an attempt at transcribing what exactly came out of his mouth that night. Enjoy! (?)

Nov. 7, 2016 Update.... the link to the actual mp3 is long dead, but here's a YouTube of some of the songs, including the below transcribed gem.

Sonny Boy Can Bely

Eyuh, this here's Derrick Thomas this here's Hank Williams Jr.
If you don't like me you can kiss my f*ckin' ass baby
w' stick it under your G.D. f*ckin' ass sweetheart

Preacher man says it's the leimb of time
se'ivverman says it's the wind of time
Idjis is up n the stock market's down
Ididitn no fidda when downtown
We're just hillbillies
Live out in the woods ya see
Long daddy grandaddy twenty see
Godda shotgun a rifle and a four wheel drive
I godda nice new jake waitrin' you can survive
country bawoy can survive

I can fly a field all day long
Catchowfit fru bustidawn
Make ar own whiskey an ar own swuk too
You ain makin wu doys caint do
Dikawoos sleepin' in the boys late night
Sleppin boy can bely
(?) boy can bely

Can't scrobbasout can makirun
would them ol boys wedoyin shogun
We said gress we said men 
You ain't into that who gives a big damn asshole?

South Alabama
South Alabam'
And ol' Montana who gives a shit who I am?
We can skin a bock n run trahline an a sonny boy can bely
Sonny boy can bely

Sackafin all nay long
Seven black fists from lust till dawn
Beg ar own dissy and all slake too
Loogidain too many w'boy hillbillies cain dewh
badybohs helenas wholesale lines
Counsy boy can survive
Country boy can survive

Can scrogiside cain maikurun
bweenh ol boy wedownda shodgun
say grace we say gyeh 
you aingdat who gives a big shit damn, hillbilly

weahh from north California, 
South Alabam'
John l well (John Elway) who gives a shit big dev'l man v'lam
n' we can skin a buck n' run a trot line
counsry boy can survie
counsry boy can suvie

Counsry folk can survie


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