Oct 30, 2008


Tomorrow's Spook-crapular Theme

Crapoween =
Scary covers and covers that should scare you.
Country, Rock, Schlock and a little bit of Crap for your trick or treat bag.

Oct 25, 2008

New Feature: Photocrap Store

John Rich T-Shirt
Available in sizes from "That Little Guy" to "Tattooed Large Gentlemen"
Colors: Montano's Blood Red, Money Green, John Rich's Soul Black (pictured)
Only $34.95!! (plus S&H)
This "Dont Trip On Rich" t-shirt is 100% American made Preshrunk Ringspun Cotton Adult t-shirt with the image of John Rich wielding a beer bottle printed on front. Don't order now! Operators aren't standing by! (Expect delivery by Feb. 30, 2009)

Oct 23, 2008

Hell will freeze over on Nov. 23


Hard to believe the longest running joke in popular music is about to come to an end. To be honest, I don't expect much, but I'm still going to buy it. I'm a GnR fan from way back. Anyways, the cover of Chinese Democracy was revealed today:

A realllly honest movie poster

And tomorrow's theme....
I know it's only been a week since the last one, but tomorrow is Country Day 4! I generally try to keep the country days down to once a month, but I've just got so many covers "in stock" they gotta go up. See you tomorrow!!

Oct 22, 2008

2 Milestones

I just hit two milestones this morning: one thanks to you, one thanks to me. Photocrap crossed the 10,000 hits mile marker early this a.m. Much appreciation goes out to all the constant viewers and the blogs who've promoted this silly site. I hope you continue to get a laugh or at least a grin out of this blog for a long time to come. To that end, the other milestone I hit is 300. I have 300 "honest album covers" that have not been posted yet! I like to have a nice stockpile, I guess. Anyway, that ensures this substandard blog will continue into 2009. I'm not dumb enough to believe it can go forever. There are only so many album covers and so many ways to call people douchebags, but this is fun and I plan to keep it up as long as possible. Thanks for coming along for the journey so far and please stick around! Oh, I passed another milestone that makes me know this blog "matters" a little... I got my first angry email threatening legal action! Somebody in the Bucky fan club wasn't happy with the "I'll Walk" parody earlier this week and demanded that I take it down. My response? I enlarged the font. (parodies aren't illegal, especially lyric parodies, and even moreso ones that have never and will never make a dime)

Thanks again folks! Have a nice Wednesday.

Honest movie poster

Oct 20, 2008

Bucky Covington parody

Warning: Not for the squeamish.
Photocrap does not condone underage drinking.

I'll Yack
(Parody of Bucky Covington's "I'll Walk")

We were 18, late on prom night.
After a bunch of Bud Lights.
She said "I'm feeling sick".
I laughed and took another sip, "I don't know what you are sweating for".
She gagged chunks running to the bathroom door.

Sayin' I'll yack.
Please hold my hair
Drank too much beer, and I've got some to spare.
So just be quiet.
My supper's comin' back.
I'll heave, it's squirtin'
I'll yack.

There was a dark stain on her dress.
Sweet and sour chicken, what a mess
I never will forget the sound, of all her insides coming out
Then she told me breakfast was coming next.
She cried this puke ain't over yet.

She said, I'll yack.
Please hold my hair
Drank too much Bud, think I felt my stomach tear
So just be quiet.
While Anheuser attacks.
I'll heave, sight's blurry.
I'll yack.

Held my alcohol through everything
Till the sights and smells got to me
I covered my mouth just coughin', pork startin' to rise.
She had the porcelain throne, but my splatter came in a rush.
I didn't get back the deposit on that tux.

Cause man, I yacked.
With shaking hands
And my whole body hurt, I couldn't walk or stand.
Prayin' that I'd die
As I spewed and hacked
Stinkin' and dirty
I yacked.


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