Apr 19, 2016

Jason Aldean Now Wants to be Friends with Zac Brown

Calling his online dust-up with Zac Brown a few years ago over Luke Bryan's music a "misunderstanding," Jason Aldean has now decided to extend an olive branch to Zac Brown.

"That dude seems pretty cool now, and I'm not sure why" said a smiling but clearly uncomfortable Aldean, a few days after news broke of Zac's involvement in a Florida hotel drug sting. "I just know that all that old stuff is water under the bridge and I wanna reach out to Zac about maybe touring together. Or we could just hang out… whatever."

Brown was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" last week, found at a hotel party where several people were taken into custody for possession and sale of cocaine. There were also strippers at the get-together. Brown was not arrested and is not believed to have known of the criminal activities.

"Yeah, I heard about all that stuff… man everybody makes mistakes," laughed Aldean, rubbing his hands together awkwardly. "I've made a few, including spouting off my big mouth at Zac for his opinion."

"That was stupid," he continued, "I see Zac through different eyes now - he's alright man, and I just wanna you know, chill with him and his friends and see where it leads."

Aldean asked us if we had Zac's phone number, but we weren't able to track it down.

"Well, I'll get my agent to find it for me then… I need to make peace and soon." said a fidgety Aldean, scratching at his neck and sniffling a bit, before ending the interview.

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