May 4, 2016

Donald Trump Knows Country Music 2

Here are some great quotes* from future Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.

*that aren't real, but pretend they are


  1. hmm... I don't recall ever hearing anything that pointed towards Trump being a "bro" in fact a lot of people's problem with him is that he wants to make america the way it was before we went all "politically correct" in other words he's perhaps a bit old fashioned?

    1. I know. This is satire ...and one of the rare moments I let my personal politics actually influence a post. Not a fan of Trump (though I'm fairly conservative).

  2. Good Lord NO ONE should vote for Trump. It was funny for a while but he isn't a winner, just spreads hate. Would be embarrassed to have him represent me much less my country. Dump the Trump.



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