Nov 5, 2018

Monday Morning Memes: Brantley Gilbert, Alan Jackson, Radio


  1. That Alan Jackson meme was wrong on so many levels. All of Alan Jackson's shitty non-country excuses for "songs" can be considered dopey (and obviously quite a bit douchebaggy as well). The girlfriend should have been labeled as "real country music" while the girl in the red shirt should have been labeled "disgracing country music and polluting it with rap, R&B, hair metal, and other non-country influences". Of course, all of that is in full display on the shitty Alan Jackson "song" referenced in that meme, "I Still Like Bologna", which is the same old bro-country dreck, but at FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES LONG. Four and a half long minutes of torture that you'll never get back. Every criticism legitimately leveled at Jackson is right there in that fucking "song". Living up to stereotypes? Yep, just like he did before in his other shit songs like "It's Alright to Be a Redneck", "Where I Come From", and that stupid 9/11-exploiting "song" (which he donated none of the proceeds made off of it to families of 9/11 victims) where he couldn't tell the difference between Iraq and Iran. Bro-country cliches? Ya betcha! Just like "Chattahoochee", "Country Boy", and "Mexico, Tequila and Me", when anyone ever tells you that Alan Jackson isn't "bro-country", just show them this song. Rap and other non-country influences? Guess who produced that trainwreck of a song, along with every Alan Jackson song since the mid-2000s? A freaking RAPPER, Polow da Don. The same guy who produced Nicki Minaj's shitty 2014 (s)hit "Anaconda", and has worked with a multitude of other rappers including Chris Brown, Nelly, Gucci Mane, and Travis Scott, to name a few. But this doesn't even stop at his recorded "music", the "music" which holds the title of the most non-country "music" ever labeled as country music in the genre's entire history. Alan Jackson just HAD go and cover a multitude of RAP SONGS at his concerts (along with an ABBA song), namely
    * Akon - Don't Matter
    * Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
    * Tyga - Hookah
    * Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On
    * Soulja Boy - I Got that Sauce
    * Future - Mask Off
    * Flo Rida - Whistle
    * T.I. - Whatever You Like
    * Big Sean - Dance (A$$)
    * Lil Wayne - Love Me
    * Drake - Passionfruit
    * Offset - Ric Flair Drip
    * ABBA - Super Trouper
    * Fetty Wap - Jugg
    If I were you, I'd honestly expect Jackson to cover at least one of these songs live at the CMA Awards next week. TBH, I don't think there is any artist/"artist" who has caused more damage to the genre than Alan Jackson himself. The crop of non-country "artists" poisoning country radio nowadays like Luke Bryan, FGL, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, Russell Dickerson, Morgan Wallen, Walker and Hunter Hayes, and Cole Swindell are but the apocalyptic aftermath of what this soy boy did to country music. And now we're at the point where, out of all people, a pop star (Bebe Rexha) holds the record for the longest running number one country song, at 48 weeks and counting. And let's not forget his stereotyping of country music, especially in that stupid 9/11-exploiting mess and the garbage Bologna song referenced in this meme. Thanks to those stupid pieces of shit, many people now think country music is ignorant and jingoistic, being tailor made for racist, white trash, trailer-dwelling rednecks and hicks. Listen here, I'm not even white, I'm a great student, and I am proud to consider myself a country music fan. But no thanks. Thanks to Alan Jackson, I wonder why country music is laughed at so often. Hmm...

    Tonight on "Dancing With the Stars", it's country night. Still more country than country music disgrace Alan Jackson!


    1. You're still at this? What a strange novelty account.

    2. You must have a really low IQ to think that there is anything "novelty" about calling out the soy boy who fucked up country music. The soy boy who put country music in a submissive role to hip-hop and Drake-style R&B (as well as EDM and 80's hair metal) by having the same rapper-producer who produced Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" shitshow produce his "music". The soy boy who covered several rap songs and an ABBA song at his concerts (See here - The soy boy who cemented the stereotype that country music is ignorant and jingoistic, being trailer made for trailer-dwelling rednecks and hicks, thus making not only country music but also us country fans look bad in the process (think of his (s)hits "It's Alright to Be a Redneck", "Where I Come From", the stupid 4 and a half minute long Bologna "song" referenced in this meme, and that stupid 9/11-exploiting piece of junk I mentioned in the last comment. You'd have to be a pretty close-minded guy to not see the damage that Alan Jackson, the Nickelback of country himself, has done to country music. And, to add insult to injury, Jackon had to go and SING ABOUT HIS OWN CRIME in "Murder on Music Row". That stupid piece of shit is basically the bro-country version of Gun Rack's "I Killed Darnell Simmons" from Key and Peele. This idiot had the fucking gall to kill country music and sing a stupid bro-country song about it. I said it once and I'll say it again - the crap acts poisoning country radio today like Luke Bryan, FGL, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, Walker Hayes, Cole Swindell, etc, are but the apocalyptic aftermath of what Alan Jackson (aka Chad Kroeger) did to country music. So is the fact that pop star Bebe Rexha continues to reign on the top of the country charts, for 49 weeks and counting. Alan Jackson is the FATHER of the modern pop-country/hick-hop/bro-country/metro-bro garbage infesting country radio today. He did to country music what Bush did to Iraq and Obama did to Libya.


    3. I've been to an Alan Jackson concert. He's done none of the covers you claim he did.



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