Sep 8, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Liven Up the Americana Music Awards

The Americana Music Awards show is this Thursday, and while I'm certain it will a fine event, FTM has a few suggestions to make the proceedings a little more exciting!

10. During Ray Wylie Hubbard's set - the return of Soy Bomb

09. New category: Best Thrash Americana Album

08. Only serve moonshine at the festivities

07. Let Billy Joe Shaver host the show ...without a script

06. Dress code: Affliction, True Religion and Ed Hardy apparel only

05. Those Darlins vs. The Be Good Tanyas in a mud wrestling match

04. Invite Jason Aldean, seat him between Drive-by Truckers and The Felice Brothers

03. AMA's Drinking Game - Take a shot every time someone sings something dry or melancholy.

02. Co-presenters: Jeff Tweedy - Jay Farrar

01. Shocking kiss between Lucinda Williams and Neko Case


  1. #2 made me spit Sprite on my computer screen. That would be GENIUS!

    I had no clue what the dress code design names were, so I had to look them up. Ack!

    I think Those Darlins actually would do a mud wrestling match. Maybe put Jason Aldean in with Those Darlins and watch them eat him alive.

  2. Also, you have to get Todd Snider passing out joints somewhere in there, although that may clash with the complimentary moonshine.

  3. I think what the AMAs need is a good collaboration between real americana artists like Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker

    BTW Aimz.....complimentary moonshine and joints NEVER clash



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