Oct 10, 2010

Top 10 Benefits of "Next-Gen" Country Stations

American Twang recently reported on a new country station in St. Louis, MO playing a "Next-Gen" country format. Supposedly they're not playing such "old" stalwarts as George Strait and Reba and sticking to artists south of 50 during prime hours. While that sounds a like one of the final signs of the coming Apocalypse to FTM, we can actually see a few positives to this next gen approach (note: a couple of these actually are good things).

10. Opportunity to understand the genius of Uncle Kracker on a deeper level

09. Don't have to hear George Strait's new song "The Breath You Take"

08. No pesky emotions or originality to deal with

07. Easier to remember the 12 songs they play

06. You'll be able to relate to your kids' autotune-riddled music. Thanks Tim! (or is he too old for Next Gen?)

05. Don't have to hear the "character" (cracks, straining to reach high notes they used to hit with ease) in voices of decrepit singers

04. Brad Paisley will finally get his due as the elder statesman of country music

03. You'll always know what beer or truck brand is the most popular!

02. Recurrent Taylor Swift will desensitize your ears to high-pitched noises

01. Don't have to hear Reba's new song "Turn on the Radio"


  1. I'm all for it if #1 comes true!!

    I'm ashamed to be from the state of Missouri right now.

  2. In all seriousness, I think this is a good idea. I don't like the older singers with "character" (also known as voices that are shot), and I'd rather hear Uncle Kracker than Brooks and Dunn or George Jones. I like George Strait but even his voice isn't what it was in 2001, and by the way in 2001 it had already begun a decline. And a lot of the newer country music has far better production values than much older stuff. It may not be what country music critics or bloggers seem most inclined to like, but I think it would be a good idea. Also I do think the rule: Over 50, you're out to pasture in country music is actually not bad.

  3. Anonymous left out a name because nobody wants to be linked to such a bullshit comment.



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