Jul 3, 2012

FTM's 4th Birthday Edition Country Day Part 1

Thursday will mark Farce the Music's 4th birthday. Since I know few of you will be at work Thursday and thus won't have much time to waste looking at FTM, I thought we'd celebrate today! Here's the first part of a day-long edition of Country Day Parody Album Covers.


  1. Had no clue Shaver was a Tim Tebow fan.

  2. Poor Trent!!!!

  3. True Story. Trent Tomlinson headlined in a bar in Scottsboro, Alabama last Saturday night. I found out about it from my cousin on FaceBook. It was a small turnout. That either had to do with Trent not being a big draw or the fact Taylor Hicks was playing a free outdoor concert 30 minutes away in Guntersville, Alabama that had a pretty decent crowd. One Wing In The Fire VS ...... Soul Patrol!



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