Jan 30, 2014

OMG Reviews: Tim McGraw - Lookin' For That Girl

by Brittany Fant, 15-year-old music fan and aspiring reviewer

Damn this is good! I almost thought I'd turned on the pop station for a minute and that's cool! I'm sooooo glad all that rednecky twang is almost gone from the country station forever. I mean, I love real country like Shania Twain and Rascal Flatts, but some of their stuff is just too old timey sounding. Now this is what I like! I can almost forget that Tim McGraw is old enough to be my grandfather because he's staying current (and he's pretty hot for an old dude!). From the opening notes, you just know this is gonna be a hot track. Autotuner is kinda weird for country music but Tim has always been an innovator! It sounds good. This song makes me wanna party with my friends and dance around like crazy. Bobbin' my head like what! Drop it down! Is he talking about twerking? That's probably all this song is missing to be the hippest thing on the radio. I don't know what a "body like a honeycomb" is but I'm guessing it's a simile or metaphor (we're learning about those in language class). All you haters don't know what you're missing. This is just fun, but I guess you don't have time for fun while you're listening to whiney old dudes crying about some woman who left them so they're drinking whiskey and leaning their fat gut against a bar somewhere. David Alan Cole??? Get real! Kids don't wanna hear that mess. Get with the program or step off, lol! 

5 heart hands!

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  1. It's scary how much ability you have to think like a teenage girl ha



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