Jun 1, 2015

Another Dumb Radio Dude Says Dumb Stuff About Women

(Note: If for some reason, this quote turns out to be falsely attributed to Mr. Johnson, 
we'll gladly retract. Seems to be real though, and we're not journalists - so we go with it.)


  1. I am kind of surprised the whole female countrydom and frankly music period hasn't risen up and swallowed these guys and the format whole. Where are the feminists, I don't care for 'em much (too radical) but when you need for the fight you need them.

  2. How is wanting to be treated equally make us "too radical"? That's all being a feminist means and if that's something that you believe, then YOU are a feminist. If not, that means you are a part of the problem too, buddy.

  3. ^ in Bear's defense I think he's talking about a specific KIND of feminist the kind of man-hating ones who want female superiority rather than equality THEY are the "extreme" ones as that term certainly wouldn't apply to all of them.



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