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Jun 2, 2022

Dec 9, 2021

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #55

 I told you once you... I'm the best that's ever been

Me after listening to Clay Walker's latest album

Ticket resellers talking to each other about the Turnpike Red Rocks show

When you score two rare Jones albums at the flea market

When your friend says Morgan Wallen is the savior of country

What was LeAnne Rimes first hit?

When you're in a store and "The Christmas Shoes" starts

When you stop enjoying your favorite singer because he or she has different political beliefs than you

Me whenever I hear a few seconds of Dan + Shay

Jul 14, 2020

Female Country Singers as Men ...for some reason

Loretta Lynn

Amanda Shires

Carrie Underwood

Miranda Lambert

Leann Rimes

Jamie Lin Wilson

And.. Reba. Sorry Reba.

Aug 5, 2016

Friday Mixtape: Music From the Hospitality State

Mississippi is the birthplace of America's music. Don't believe me? Just look at that road sign. Whether you believe that or not (if you don't, you're wrong), we're still the home of a surprisingly lively and vital music scene despite our meager resources and relatively small population. Here's a playlist of current artists born in Mississippi. There are big time artists (Randy Houser, Rae Sremmurd, Jimmy Buffett), up-and-comers (William Michael Morgan, Dream Cult) and several from the roots realm who we cover fairly regularly (Water Liars, Jason Eady, Cory Brannan, Jimbo Mathus). Hip-hop, Americana, blues, country, indie rock... a little bit of everything. I didn't include Charley Pride or Faith Hill because I'm just not sure their status in regards to putting out new music. Anyway, enjoy! The Spotify playlist appears below the screen captures of the playlist.

Jun 25, 2015

Mississippi Flag Ideas: Country Music Edition

There's been a lot of talk in the news recently about getting rid of all forms and fashions of the Confederate flag on the government property and regalia of several southern states. In fact, FTM's home state of Mississippi still has that flag as a portion of its very state flag. On Twitter, many have been presenting serious and humorous options for changing MS's flag. Here are a few (non-serious) alternative designs for Mississippi's state flag, based on the country music stars from the state. Randy Houser doesn't get one.

Jun 1, 2015

Another Dumb Radio Dude Says Dumb Stuff About Women

(Note: If for some reason, this quote turns out to be falsely attributed to Mr. Johnson, 
we'll gladly retract. Seems to be real though, and we're not journalists - so we go with it.)

May 29, 2015

How to Know Summer is Here

 How to Know Summer is Here

Kid Rock is being played on every format. (Except rock and rap)

Green Peace begins lecturing all new recruits on not rolling Gary Levox back into
the water if he's encountered on the beach.

Female country singers become more popular to bros. Because cutoffs.

Every package of Gold Bond medicated powder includes a download
of the latest Luke Bryan Spring Break album.

Wynonna's orange glow becomes more of a grapefruit color.

The amount of nighttime that Scott Borchetta has for feeding is reduced significantly.

Trailer starts bitching about his yard needing mowed instead
of Mississippi State having a horrible season. music remix season.

Country Rap King Mikel Knight decreases the days between showers for his street teams to 7.

Some country music bigwig says something stupid. Wait, that's every season...

Colt Ford makes extra money blocking the sun from Jason Aldean's forehead.

Leann Rimes blends in with everyone else.

New tailgate songs.

You go to a big drunk redneck fight and a country music festival breaks out.

 Calm down Trailer. We get it, mowing sucks.

Almost all of these by Jeremy Harris

Mar 16, 2014

Aldean Army Enlistment Requirements

Nashville Gab recently wrote a piece that very fairly discussed the unequal public treatment of LeAnn Rimes and Jason Aldean regarding their marital infidelity. This brought out the Aldean Army to protest the treatment of their hero. Their comments were generally ugly, profane, dumb and/or misspelled. Here's an example.
Gab ended up taking down the piece due to the venomous reactions. Well, FTM happened upon this interesting chart showing the requirements for joining different branches of the "military." Enjoy.

Dec 12, 2013

New Video: Leann Rimes

With her cover of Buddy & Julie Miller's "Gasoline and Matches," here's Leann Rimes (with Rob Thomas).


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