Feb 4, 2016

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Old Dominion - Snapback

Old Dominion - Snapback

This song starts out poorly and descends further into the depths of hades from that point. I believe it opens with what's known as a "pick up line," but it seems to be one that would be ineffective on any female outside a street walker. This man is a sexual pervert and also lacks tact, an unfortunate combination that speaks to his sinful nature. For the wages of sin is death!

Actually, this whole song seems to be one long pick-up line written by someone whose experience with females is limited to viewing them through a steamed up bedroom window. I believe my CSI shows would say this fits a profile for a serial killer. Mr. Old Dominion should be watched.

In Matthew, Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. This fella wants to love the girl of his desire in a manner that is cheap, tawdry, horny, and impatient. He could do that with his computer tablet at home looking at the porno and not subject this woman to his vulgar desires. Flee from sin!

This song is called "Snapback." I had to use the Googles and find out what that means and it seems to be what we used to call a hat. I think young people just sit around and think up different names for stuff to be rebellious and "cool." I have many of these supposed snapbacks, but mine feature farm implements, largemouth bass, and Branson. I imagine this young lady's hat says Kardashians Are My Idol or Goochi Couture or something. She's not exactly presenting the most Godly image with her get up. Make up and tattoos and cut off blue jeans would have her spoken of harshly among the hens, uh, ladies of my congregation.

Like most "country music" these days, there is little that can be spoken of as country or music in this garbage. We're not headed to Hell in a handbasket, we are being flame roasted in the middle of burning wicker. It's not too late though! Jesus can bring his fire extinguisher of grace and douse the inferno if we only turn from songs like this "Snapback." Seek Glory!

This song gets an F!

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