Jun 15, 2016

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews Florida-Georgia Line's "H.O.L.Y."

Florida-Georgia Line - "H.O.L.Y."
(if you must hear this travesty, click here) 


I see these two numbskulls are still out here turning truth into lies. They said they were country. They lied. They're supposed to be singers, but they use new fangled computer technology to make their voices sound better. Lies. Now, they're perverting the Word of God. Is there no depths these idiots will sink to to add more cash to their coffers?

First of all, I thought this song was going to be an actual song about praising the Lord. That idea was stupidly based on the title, not the track record of these deviants. Why I'd think two dudes who've made a career out of singing about performing sexual acts on tailgates and kitchen sinks would suddenly repent, I do not know.

This song is about how this man worships a woman as if she was Jesus. That is as vile and repulsive a thing as I've ever come across since I found my son's booty magazines under his mattress when he was 16.  Have these two no souls? Only the Lord is holy. And his Son. And the Holy Ghost. And Sunday. And churches (except the Methodist ones).

What's not holy is the long haired one singing "let me lay you down, give me to ya." I might be old school and unworldly, but I know good and well that means giving her the ol' dirty deacon. I don't want to hear about or have to think about this scraggly looking purveyor of filth having sexual intercourse ever, much less in a song that clearly references spiritual matters. What sickness must reside in the heart of someone who'd tarnish the eternal with tush tapping. Away from me, sinner!

In summary, Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Kelley may as well stand in a baptismal naked, smoking reefers, looking at pornography, burning a flag, while shouting obscenities, as put out a song like this. The only difference is the first one will get you arrested.

Get right, people! The trumpeters are polishing their brass. The horsemen are saddling their steeds. The seals are 'bout to bust open wide.


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  1. When I read Larry's reviews, I always do it in the voice of Zach Galifianakis from THe Campaign.



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