Jan 25, 2017

Tom T. Hall Goes Bro-Country

 I Love
(Parody of Tom T. Hall's "I Love")

I love Powerstrokin' trucks, Swingin' truck nutz
Wearin' camo tanks, and skanks
I love blinding LEDs, wearin' skinny jeans
Calling people gay, Axe spray
And I love big boobs

I love tatted up skin, Instagrammed rear ends
T-shirts of Merle, but not Merle
I love Fireball in a cup, getting turnt up
Miller in a glass, and ass
And I love big boobs

I love making bitches smile, rolling coal for miles
Watching fights on Vine and stuntin'
I love unprotected sex, not sending child support checks
Music when it's Drake and Plies
And I love sweet nudes


  1. This is absolutely brilliant.

  2. I hated it until it got to "and I love big boobs" because, well, who doesn't?! I'm just waiting on one of the bros to cover "Ass N Titties" the twangy edition!



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