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Jan 25, 2017

Tom T. Hall Goes Bro-Country

 I Love
(Parody of Tom T. Hall's "I Love")

I love Powerstrokin' trucks, Swingin' truck nutz
Wearin' camo tanks, and skanks
I love blinding LEDs, wearin' skinny jeans
Calling people gay, Axe spray
And I love big boobs

I love tatted up skin, Instagrammed rear ends
T-shirts of Merle, but not Merle
I love Fireball in a cup, getting turnt up
Miller in a glass, and ass
And I love big boobs

I love making bitches smile, rolling coal for miles
Watching fights on Vine and stuntin'
I love unprotected sex, not sending child support checks
Music when it's Drake and Plies
And I love sweet nudes

Jan 24, 2013

I'm Sorry, This Exists - Jan. '13

Nickelback "Bottoms Up" Onesie.
For the kid who's got everything ...but good parents.

Florida-Georgia Line laptop bag. That's assuming Florida-Georgia Line
fans know how to use a computer.


"Pontoon" t-shirt

Plies "Goon" Necklace. For classing up your job interview outfit.

The Farm "Farm Party" Hot Pants. Nothing says sexy
like "hot pants" and "farm" in the same description!

Jake Owen "fence art." I didn't know fence art was a thing.

This Hunter Hayes t-shirt transfer that features several photos of

"Sexy" and "vintage" Rascal Flatts shirt

Nicki Minaj "Life is Sweet" stripper heels

Puke. All over everything.

Yes, this is real....
Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends Prayer Candle
Thanks to @n8van2 for bringing it to my attention.

And finally....Stay classy, HER and Kings County!


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