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Jun 5, 2019

I'm Sorry... This Exists: June 2019

Weird, bad, or interesting country/music merchandise and other stuff.
These are not Photoshopped.

Colt Ford Onesie

George Jones High Tech Redneck pocket knife

This crazy dude is still at it...

Gross. I'm guessing this isn't approved by the estate.

Kane Brown kids' jersey.

Kane Brown tumbler

We've joked about Kelsea Ballerini being a Barbie doll for so long that we willed it into reality.

Old Dominion fidget spinner

Upchurch tattoo. Stands for Raise Hell Eat Cornbread. Yeehaw.

A metal cover of Luke Bryan’s “Kick the Dust Up”

Now, that's on brand!

Aug 1, 2018

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Questionable Country Merch & Memorabilia

Mitchell Tenpenny "Bitches" shirt. Please wear this to the upcoming WWE Evolution all-women pay-per-view and get your ass beat.

Sam Hunt as an admiral artwork. For the person in your life who has everything …including bad taste.

George "Straight" t-shirt. Why does this keep happening?

Another one. Please stop. 

And a sign. SMH.

This FGL t-shirt. Buy now and it comes with a free pack of condoms so you won't procreate!

This ugly ass Cole Swindell dolman. Dolman? What the hell's a dolman?

Kane Brown prayer candle. Yeah, you better pray extra hard if you buy this.

"Sexy" Garth Brooks "G" panties. What lady wouldn't feel extra sexy wearing underpants feturing the logo of a rotund middle-aged rope-swinging country wildman on them? 

And finally, Rascal Flatts on Hostess products including donuts and Twinkies seems a little too on-the-nose to actually exist, but here ya go:

Dec 12, 2017

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Christmas 2017 Edition

Pondering what to buy your worst enemy, your mother-in-law, your boss this holiday season? Well, maybe this helpful list will include just the thing. These are all real products (and one painting).

Who wouldn't want this cheap looking,
unauthorized Keith Urban product on their Douglas fir?

Walker Hayes "Good Shit" shades
That's very mature, dad.

So you'll know who to avoid at the office Christmas party.

Redneck Crazy truck hitch cover
for when you're parked on your ex's lawn
about to be arrested and served with a restraining order

Thomas Rhett sticker.
Gross, and I bet his wife wouldn't like that.

This plays on the stereotype of Asian massage parlors offering up
uh... happy endings. Way to be woke, OD.

which is advertised using Blake Shelton's image but
actually is just a Sexiest Man Alive t-shirt.

I bet the profit margin on these is ridiculous.

"It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" Novelty Panties

This painting of Garth Brooks looking at a boob.

This actually exists in the year of our Lord 2017. 

Dec 14, 2016

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Christmas '16 Edition

This is all real merchandise (and other oddities).

Let's start with something I'm glad exists.... a Merle Haggard "ugly Christmas sweater"

Luke Bryan tumbler. Perfect for sipping Lime-a-ritas.

Brantley Gilbert pajamas with "Bottoms Up" on the ass. For your side chick.

A BG brass knuckles Christmas ornament. For when the cousins erupt into a brawl over who gets to play the PS4 next.

Chris Lane socks might be your fix. I don't know why, but maybe.

If she wants to get "Nailed" this Christmas, these are for her!

The Average Joes comic book series featuring Colt Ford, The Lacs, and all your least favorite hick hoppers. I assume their arch enemy is Captain Irrelevance.

Class up the damn joint with this Fireball cornhole game. Probably not officially licensed.

Sam Hunt tank top with Bleeding Cowboys font! Yay!

Luke Bryan ugly Christmas sweater. Make it stop.

Grammatically incorrect Luke Bryan lyrics tattoo
(which are the actual lyrics)

Another kinda awesome item. A Janie Fricke snapback. On eBay!

Truck decal ... perfect stocking stuffer for that kinda racist uncle.


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