Aug 1, 2018

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Questionable Country Merch & Memorabilia

Mitchell Tenpenny "Bitches" shirt. Please wear this to the upcoming WWE Evolution all-women pay-per-view and get your ass beat.

Sam Hunt as an admiral artwork. For the person in your life who has everything …including bad taste.

George "Straight" t-shirt. Why does this keep happening?

Another one. Please stop. 

And a sign. SMH.

This FGL t-shirt. Buy now and it comes with a free pack of condoms so you won't procreate!

This ugly ass Cole Swindell dolman. Dolman? What the hell's a dolman?

Kane Brown prayer candle. Yeah, you better pray extra hard if you buy this.

"Sexy" Garth Brooks "G" panties. What lady wouldn't feel extra sexy wearing underpants feturing the logo of a rotund middle-aged rope-swinging country wildman on them? 

And finally, Rascal Flatts on Hostess products including donuts and Twinkies seems a little too on-the-nose to actually exist, but here ya go:

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