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May 23, 2019

Little Known Facts Makes Its Glorious Return

Insane Clown Posse plans on releasing their entire catalog as country albums in 2019. There will be no changes or remixing done.

Shooter Jennings recently hit the big 4-0 which is a big deal since he was only 3 feet, 11 inches earlier in the year.

Due to him neglecting it while spending so much time on the road and at the beach, Kenny Chesney’s tractor is no longer considered sexy.

Zac Brown’s new rap song has reportedly coaxed hours of valuable information out of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

78% of all blacked out names in the Mueller Report were Steve Earle.

Famed Bigfoot hunter Eric Tipton has decided there isn’t enough challenge in looking for the elusive creature and now devotes his time to searching for women on the country music charts.

Jordan Davis’ beard is kind of like Samson’s hair in that it is hair on the head of someone who doesn’t sing country music. 

John Rich was one of the crowd favorites at a recent Nashville songwriting expo after he was a last minute substitution for the scheduled janitor that called in sick. 

Americana is sometimes called “country music for liberals” because much like liberalism, it proclaims gender equality but is mostly run by old white dudes. 

Constantly posting on Facebook about his weight loss vitamins is why John Anderson is the black sheep of his family. 

As a child, Russell Dickerson once got his head stuck in a toilet paper roll. 

I have never heard “Old Town Road” and will remove the genitalia of the first person that changes that.

Kane Brown coming on country radio is the equivalent of the auto flushing toilet pulling the paper seat cover down the drain before you are seated.


Most of these are by Jeremy Harris; a few are by Trailer.

Nov 4, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 17

Oh, you think "Are You Ready For Some Football" 
is Hank Jr.'s best song??

 Did I actually just hear Chris Stapleton's 
"Parachute" on the radio?

Insane Clown Posse cover band goes country

When your debate over Ryan Adams' 
best song gets a little out of hand

Nashville "country" songwriting session: 
"This songs needs a little something... I know!"

Me, about Easton Corbin

 How you should look at someone 
who asks "Who's Charley Pride?"

When your two best friends find out you have 
one extra ticket to Dwight Yoakam

May 23, 2012

CMT Awards: Final Slate of Presenters and Performers

CMT has announced the final slate of presenters and performers for its 2012 CMT Awards telecast, Wednesday, June 6th at 8/7C. As always, it's an interesting mix of entertainers and personalities that's sure to increase your appreciation of country music! Without further adieu...

Insane Clown Posse presenting Best Hick-Hop Artist award

Christian Bale's stunt double

The cast of Bayou Billionaires

Criss Angel

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Survivor winner Kim Spradlin

Larry the Cable Guy

Lindsey Lohan as Liz Taylor

Marilyn Manson performing a tribute to George Lindsey

Marty from Madagascar 3

Nicki Minaj performing with The Pistol Annies

Rebecca Black presenting Female Vocalist of the Year

Andy Samberg

Tom Arnold

Troy Aikman and Hulk Hogan

Waka Flocka performing with Taylor Swift

Bruce Willis and The Rock


Old Dirty Bastard hologram

Jun 20, 2011

New Release Tuesday Parody Covers

Aside from Justin Moore's (already parodied) Outlaws Like Me, these albums also come out June 21st...

Jul 17, 2010

Double Rainbows

Here's a Cheezburger-ish Photocrap based on this and this. FTM is hip to memes.

Apr 7, 2010

YouTube Gems: Insane Clown Posse

Some videos I post as YouTube Gems because they are excellent tunes, videos or live performances. Some I post because they are funny. Some are so bad they're good. I don't know where this fits in, but I do know you need to watch it. It has some naughty words, but they add to the uh, charm (?). Enjoy! Or maybe ...I'm sorry... or something.


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