Feb 8, 2017

Most Added Poop at Country Radio

The "most added" singles list every week highlights new and rising songs that country radio listeners will hear for weeks (and sometimes months or years) to come. Similar to our "Current Poop of Country Radio," here's Trailer's ratings for this week's add leaders. Data from Country Aircheck. Poop from us. (Poop emoji=bad, Anti-poop emoji=good)

The rating for this first week of our list is scary bad. I weep for the future. The score is -20. My favorite tune on this list is Zac Brown's new "My Old Man," which is a subtle and welcome return to ZBB's signature sound. My least favorite song is Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road," but it has serious competition for biggest turd. This was easily one of my most unpleasant listening experiences in nearly 9 years of running Farce the Music. I thought radio was supposed to be getting better, but if this is any sign, they're at the bottom and digging deeper.

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