Jul 5, 2017

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews Luke Combs' "When It Rains It Pours"

You can listen to this vulgar song here if you choose.

The fact that this song is actually pretty catchy and nobody's lying to you about it being a country song, since it is a country song, should not fool you into thinking it's a worthy thing to listen to. There are so many sins in this song, it made my face turn redder than a deacon caught in a beer barn.

First off, him and his lady friend aren't married but they're shacking up. You already know my feelings on this subject. Why be a pirate when you already got the booty?

This couple wakes up fighting on Sunday morning, so you know they didn't make it to the church services, which they both clearly need. At Holcomb Primitive Baptist Church, we welcome all sinners, even fornicators and hippy-hop music fans.

In the next portion of the song, after his girlfriend has left his pathetic butt, he proceeds to partake of gambling. While it is up for debate if this is specifically a sin, it is certainly the mark of a person who does not make good use of the sense God gave him. Some of our biddies, I mean ladies of the church, go to the bingo on Thursday nights and it is a questionable pursuit to say the least. Versie May Hanks spent a quarter of her monthly check on the infernal cards and was spotted taking home 5 go plates from the dinner on the grounds the next Sunday. For shame!

This is just the beginning of the carnival of fleshly pleasures this Mr. Combs takes part in in this evil song. There is even more gambling, there is drinking alcohol, and there is visiting the Hooters. I will confess that ol' Larry Lee has been in a Hooters once in his life. I won't go into detail, but it led to some deep prayer over the following days. That place is a den of sin clad in skimpy short pants and greedily priced chicken wings. Beware, good Christian!

In summary, this song is one of the most deviant I've heard in some time. Luke Combs needs to get his ample backside onto a church pew for repentance so he can change his sleazy, skanky ways. It is abhorrent. 

I give this song an F.

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