Jan 22, 2020

The "If Women Would Put Out Better Songs They'd Get Country Airplay" Starter Pack


  1. Funny, but doesn't disapprove the argument. I have given up on radio, I listen to Spotify and CD's, but in radios defence I don't think a lot of women are making good country music right now. The ones that are, are not very mainstream, no-one is going to tell me they think Marren Morris or Kelsey Balarini are making good country music!

  2. 40% of the women are making good pop country (Ashley McBryde is more country than pop country though). 50% are making well written pop songs they're calling country. The other 10% sucks. 90% of the men are making bad music, whatever style it is. I figure the women should have an equal opportunity to be crappy.



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