May 18, 2020

More Monday Memes: Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan, Dan + Shay

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  1. Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) and his hip-hop, hair metal, EDM, Drake-style R&B influenced bro-country are about as "hillbilly" as Iggy Azalea. While Jackson may pretend to live the "hillbilly" lifestyle in his songs, his shitty efforts to do so come off as calculated, derogatory, and cartoonish. In fact, these efforts (i.e., "It's Alright to Be a Redneck", "I Still Like Bologna", "Jim and Jack and Hank", and especially that stupid 9/11-exploiting song where he couldn't tell the difference between Iraq and Iran) are what helped cement country music's reputation as a laughing stock, to the point where the genre is now largely viewed as being made for trailer-dwelling, racist, Libertarian hicks. And Jackson's other songs are no different, given that it was none other than Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) who is responsible for all of the bro-country, metro-bro, hick-hop, and boyfriend country ruining mainstream country music these days, along with the fact that pop singer Bebe Rexha's collaboration with bro-country duo Florida Georgia Line currently holds the record for the longest running number one country song at 50 weeks. Taking into consideration his track record of destroying and desecrating real country music, any real hillbilly would have no hesitation about slapping Alan Jackson like how Moe Howard slapped Larry, Curly, and Shemp in the Three Stooges.

    As for Alan Jackson's alleged cover of "We Dem Boyz" ( ), the video was filmed over an Alan Jackson concert to make it look like Alan Jackson was doing a cover of Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz", while in reality, he was really playing "Remember When" while a Florida Georgia Line cover of the Wiz Khalifa song played on my two Sony stereos (Sony MHC-GX450 and Sony LBT-GPX77) in the background.




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