Jan 20, 2023

Rebel Flags To Be Allowed for Morgan Wallen’s Oxford, MS Concerts

In a brief reprieve of their rules, the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium commission and the Ole Miss Athletic Department have agreed to allow Confederate flags for two nights only at the venue, during the two upcoming Morgan Wallen shows. After removing the rebel flags from football games in ’97 with their “stick ban” and giving Colonel Reb a kick several years later, the school will let Wallen fans fly it on April 22 and 23 only.

“We felt it was important to support the culture of Morgan’s music,” said Athletic Director Kenny Marter. “While we don’t agree with use of that flag… anymore, we realize many of Morgan’s fans come from a nescient background, and we don’t want 60,000 of those people feeling out of their element on our campus.”

Sales of Confederate flag merchandise will be prohibited on the University of Mississippi grounds, but show attendees may bring theirs from their large home collections, as long as “poster, flag, or other display item does not impede the view of other fans.”

Morgan Wallen’s management had no comment on the temporary stay of rules at this time, but his fans were more than eager to give their thoughts on the matter. 

“That’s freekin awesome,” said Vernajean Lucas of Panther Burn, MS in a recent Facebook post. “We can come together and celebrate are favorite music and are heritage at the same time! [sic]” Another fan, Jaxon Strickland of Flowood tweeted the following: Hell yeah, me and the boys coming up in are squatted trucks waving THE REAL OLD GLORY all the damn way, and I DO Not CARE WHO OFFENDED. Can’t wait too see my boy! [sic]

Morgan Wallen, with openers Hardy, Ernest, and Bailey Zimmerman plays April 22 & 23 at Vaught Hemingway in Oxford. The second show was added after the high demand for the original date. 

At press time, other amenities to be provided at the Wallen concerts were pickup truck accessory vendors, White Claw tastings, DUI lawyers posted up at the exits, and a Proud Boys booth.


This is satire/fake news, duh.

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  1. Might want to use nescient.in the proper context unless you are calling Morgan Wallen fans ignorant.



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