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Mar 25, 2014

Top 10 Things Overheard From Aldean Army Members

10. Is it just me or are these arenas using smaller seats than they did a few years ago?

09. Is it two "S's" or two "O's" in loser? Farce the Music is allowing anonymous comments again.

08. What is a George Jones?

07. Why are all the young girls at this show dressed like sluts?

06. Sorry I bent your tailgate.

05. Why are all the old women at this show dressed like sluts?

04. I stretch out one of her Hello Kitty shirts and my daughter won't stop bitching. Damn teenagers.

03. Oh my god, I just heard the greatest news ever!!! Jason's gonna be on 
a tribute album for Daryl from The Walking Dead's one handed brother!

02. First mom stretched out my shirt, then she threw my panties 

she stole on the stage. Damn parents.

01. The hot flashes suck but at least I'm saving money by not buying pads.

By Jeremy Harris

Mar 16, 2014

Aldean Army Enlistment Requirements

Nashville Gab recently wrote a piece that very fairly discussed the unequal public treatment of LeAnn Rimes and Jason Aldean regarding their marital infidelity. This brought out the Aldean Army to protest the treatment of their hero. Their comments were generally ugly, profane, dumb and/or misspelled. Here's an example.
Gab ended up taking down the piece due to the venomous reactions. Well, FTM happened upon this interesting chart showing the requirements for joining different branches of the "military." Enjoy.


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