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Feb 29, 2012

In the Year 2030 #7

The 20th season of The Voice sees Blake Shelton still making drinking jokes; the late Cee-lo Green replaced by his son Dee-lo; that Adam guy still leering at Christina Aguilera's now belly-button level cleavage.

Chad Brock headlines the Country Thrownout Hip Tour with openers Jeff Bates and Andy Griggs.

Thomas Rhett's son (Rhett Akins' grandson) Thomas Akins gets a publishing and recording contract, completely by talent and in no way because his dad and grandfather were in the industry.

Martina McBride spotted drunkenly playing quarter slots at New Orleans casino, wearing a "Dirty Grandma" t-shirt.

Country music experiencing a revival thanks to the "neo-fake-outlaw" movement which credits Eric Church as its godfather.

Impressionable teen listens to Brantley Gilbert album backwards - goes on to cure Herpes, invent tornado-proof mobile homes.

Hank IV signs with Curb Records; stricken from father and grandfather's wills.

Country rap now its own genre with independent Billboard chart. Cowboy Troy runs cutthroat record label loosely modeled after Suge Knight's Death Row.

Lady Gaga photographed by paparrazi entering a Target dressed as somebody who used to be famous.

Casey Donahew Band, biggest selling country group in history breaks up. Melinda Donahew blamed.

Taylor Swift wins CMA Lifetime Achievement Award but is unable to mug the "Taylor shocked face" due to years of botox injections.

Justin Moore becomes a proud grandpa for the first time, frequently sitting on his new grandson's lap to read him stories.

Nov 18, 2010

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews Cee-Lo

There's no way in the Devil's domain I'd actually let this song defile my ears so I gave a homeless man named Herman a hot meal and some salvation tracts to listen to it for me. I'll be reviewing his summary of the song. Apparently the singer has been wronged by a female and he feels particularly spiteful towards her. This leads him to utter the "f word," the "s word" and possibly other vulgarities in her general direction, though Herman couldn't understand all of the lyrics because he is two forties into his dessert. I have heard Mr. Green's voice before and I know that he has an instrument that could well serve the Lord, so it is truly disheartening that he would stoop to this level of perversion. Herman said this song is very catchy and made him tap his mismatched shoes and want to dance if not for his back condition. I pity Herman but sympathize with him for these inclinations; the Devil has a strangle-hold on many of the more hedonistically pleasing musical compositions. However, no matter how "good" the song makes one feel, it is still an insult to decency and reverence to the Lord. I will be leading a prayer group this evening to ask mercy on the soul of both Cee-Lo and Herman.

Oct 9, 2010

YouTube Gems: Cee-Lo covers Band of Horses

From his forthcoming album Lady Killer, here's a (PG-13 NSFW) video for Cee-Lo Green's cover of Band of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You." Pretty cool!


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