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Feb 9, 2018

Sir Rosevelt / Zac Brown Honest Radio Promo Ad

Zac Brown Unveils New Rap Persona "Lil Beanie"

Zac Brown's seemingly insatiable desire to record and release music in every existing genre took its next logical step this week as he unveiled yet another side project, the mumble rap artist Lil Beanie. Signed to Zac's own Southern Ground label, Beanie (Brown himself, with fake face tattoos and a wig) is currently prepping the release of his debut single "Marching Powder." 

The song, a not even slightly veiled ode to selling copious amounts of cocaine, is a mid-tempo track that bounces along on a slick electronic beat with Beanie's sparse lyrics peppered across the composition. The chorus simply repeats "marchin' powda" 25 times, but Lil assures us this is how hip-hop is done nowadays. 

Beanie's first album, Mean Streetz of Lumpkin, is set to drop in late summer, with opening dates on the Zac Brown tour to support the record. 

"Yo, I'm just so excited to get this opportunity to open for Zac,  ya heard?" stated Mr. Beanie. "It gone be lit and I'mma give 'em my 100 every night."

Brown's other side project, Sir Rosevelt, will also play each of the ZBB dates. That act's single "Something Bout You" is going for adds at country radio despite clearly being not a country song. Whether Beanie's music will be released to country radio is "up in the air" (meaning: yes, it definitely will). 

At press time, Zac Brown had announced auditions for yet another another side project, the death metal outfit DeƩrguts.

Jan 24, 2018

Zac Brown is a Pariah Again

A couple years ago, Zac Brown Band put out the Jeckyl & Hyde album that was all over the map, genre-wise. I didn't mind that until they released the EDM song "Beautiful Drug" to country radio. We thoroughly roasted them over that terrible song. Soon came news that Zac had an EDM side-project, Sir Rosevelt, for all his electronic music... and last year, ZBB released the almost completely country album Welcome Home, which was pretty well-received. I forgave but didn't forget.

Now comes word that Sir Rosevelt is releasing one of their EDM songs, "Something 'Bout You," to country radio. Welp, that's that. I'm done. Fool me once...

Oct 6, 2016

Hipster Douchebag Zac Brown

Yeah, that's Zac on the left in a promo photo of his new dance/pop/edm/whatever 
side project Sir Rosevelt. This is what I imagine he's saying...


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