Feb 28, 2009

Britches and Hoes

As a companion piece to one of the t-shirt slogans I posted yesterday, this is a silly hick-hop ditty I wrote the lyrics for and my buddy Bret Bingham wrote the music for and performed on. Eat your heart out, Cowboy Troy. Despite the title, this contains no foul language.

Feb 25, 2009

I Can Has?

Here's a little selection of some of the designs I've submitted over at the "I Can Has Cheezburger?/Lol Celebrities/Graph Jam/Fail Blog" family of blogs (link to FAIL in my blogroll).

Fun With Charts or a Themed Photocrap Cover day coming on Thursday Night/Friday.

Feb 24, 2009

Paul Simon Parody

50 Ways to Leave Your Cousin
(Parody of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”)

I reckon it’s all in your damn head, she said so sweet
The answer ain’t crap if you’re thinkin’ logic’ly
I’m gonna hook you up in your journey to get free
You know there’s 50 ways to leave your cousin

She said you know my habit is menthol Kools
But I ain’t blowin’ smoke up your butt when I whisper to you
I’ma say it again, Jasper you ain’t no fool
Yeah boy, there’s 50 ways to leave your cousin

Skip the doublewide, Clyde
Get a new girl, Earl
Gonna be okay, Ray
I’m tellin’ the truth
Crank up the truck, Buck
Don’t need to say bye, Ty
Ya’ heard what I said, Jed
Go bust yerself loose

She said it rurns my day to hear you bitch and complain
Said she could do that thing with her tongue to make me smile again
I said I’d be obliged
And baby, please tell me ‘bout them 50 ways

She said, why don’t we just get tore down tonight
You’ll figure it out by the mornin’ when we watch Price is Right
Then she dropped her spandex drawers, lit a Kool and I saw the light
There must be 50 ways to leave your cousin
50 ways to leave your cousin

Just run out the shack, Jack
Through the kudzu, Lou
Don’t need to think twice, Mike
I wouldn’t lie to you
Jump in the creek, Zeke
She’s too close of kin, Lynn
So whatever it takes, Jake
Go bust yerself loose

Feb 22, 2009

.99 Review: Justin Moore

Justin Moore - Small Town USA

The People's Take

Amazing (5 Stars) – Justin Moore is following really close on the spirit of Eric Church with his candid sound and lyrics. We can look forward to some pretty high expectations with this guy!

(They're pretty much all like this)

My Take

Once in a great while, an artist releases a song that that grabs you deep in the comfortable warmth of your cockles and won't let go, no matter how you struggle against its hairy, intrusive hands. A song that embraces all you hold essential to your being in an invigorating and fresh way that makes you look at life and its little details in a new and appreciative light. A song that voices all the thoughts and memories in the recesses of your most sentimental moments. A song that takes the everyday and paints it as the eternal. A song that reverberates across time with newness and raw art. Just a few times in your life, you are graced with a song that etches itself into the cold stone of your black granite heart and weaves itself into the fiber of your soccer mom or Nascar dad life and you are forever changed by the simple power of words and music. This isn't that song.

An aside to the snarky-ness: Yes! Another 8 on The Checklist!

Total value: .26/.99

The Checklist

Check mark symbolChurch/God
Check mark symbolName Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Check mark symbolHometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolTruck
Check mark symbolBeer
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Check mark symbolUSA
Pop Sheen
Star Power

iPhone abbreviation fail


Feb 18, 2009

Friday is...

Country Day - February!
Be here for parody covers of the new Jake Owen and Dierks Bentley albums, a Martina McBride cover and many others. Here's a lil' taste.


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