Feb 4, 2013

Little Known Facts: Feb. '13

Because of his arrest in 2006 for the "I'm Hank Williams Jr bitch!" thing, Hank had to cancel a WWE cage match for the Backlash pay per view against Natalie Maines since it caused him to miss his ride to the walkthrough.

Dee Snider is a touring backup singer for Brantley Gilbert.

Blake Shelton has never tweeted under the influence of anything other than pure stupidity.

The latest U.S. census revealed that one of George Strait's exes had moved to Arkansas from Texas.

Gary Levox is actually Mike Myers in a fat-suit.

72% of all people at a Eric Church concert purchased their boots within a week of the show. 100% of those people will take them off and hold them above their heads when he plays "These Boots".

Martina McBride broke a lounge chair over a roadie's head when she found out George Strait wasn't opening for her on The Cowboy Rides Away tour.

Florida-Georgia Line's name is a reference to the gambling addiction they both share.

Chad Brock was the second choice for this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

When you hear a new country hit mention Hank, it is referring to Hank Garland 92.7% of the time.

David Allan Coe has never dyed his beard, but he has had a history of mold problems.

Brantley Gilbert will be Jana Kramer's third husband before age 30. Also her first marriage to a troll-boy.

Jeff Foxworthy's "Redneck 12 Days of Christmas" is actually a detailed list of the payola required to get airplay on a country music radio station.

Zac Brown has a beanie beard-net he wears when preparing food before concerts.

*Thanks to Jeremy Harris for most of these!

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