Jan 19, 2016

Country WWExperience GIFs

There's a new Twitter account creating a lot of buzz and head-scratching lately. Subway WWExperience combines common everyday situations at Subway with WWE reaction gifs, creating hilarious off-kilter humor for fans of the respective brands and non-WWE/Subway fans alike. As tempting as it'd be to steal the gimmick (even though we already do reaction gifs in some memes) and start a Country WWExperience Twitter account (like we don't have enough fake accounts), we'll just leave it at this post (and probably a few more in the future since we never abandon a joke format until it's been done to death and then some).

When somebody says Johnny Cash was overrated

When somebody asks if you've heard of this Stapleton guy

When you're waiting in line at Dollar General and FGL's playing overhead

When somebody says they're a big country fan and Luke Bryan is their favorite

When somebody asks if Jason Aldean is a scumbag

When somebody gets in your car and
turns the radio to the mainstream country station

1 comment:

  1. haha the Daniel Bryan one is my favorite! I literally watched it for about a minute!



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