Sep 20, 2011

I'm Sorry, This Exists 2

Irony at its best: A Carrie Underwood BBQ Apron (I guess you can barbecue veggies, but whatever)


  1. Ok. I'm probably going to embarrass myself, but for the sake of learning, I will try and do it gracefully. The Bratley (typo.. but I'm going to leave it.) Gilbert picture is from a website called Polyvore. Why? I don't know. It's where wanna-be fashionistas go to 'put together' outfits and such. It's like paperdolls, but pictures of real clothes. Also, you can add a 'inspirational photo' like that BG fan did..

    I'm going to go jump off a cliff now.

  2. More like a Wynonna Judd Buffalo Chip to me!



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