Apr 17, 2012

Top 10 Shortest Books by Country Artists IV

10. Cosmetic Procedures I Skipped - Reba McEntire

09. All My #1s: Piano, Vocals, Guitar Songbook - Chad Brock

08. Thought Provoking Conversations with Jake Owen

07. Roller Coasters I'm Tall Enough to Ride - Shooter Jennings

06. On My Own: All the Good Quitting Sugarland Has Done Me - Kristen Hall

05. How to Ride Off Into the Sunset, Gracefully - Randy Travis

04. All the Books I've Read - Brantley Gilbert

03. Actual Country Songs We Played This Year - MISS 103 (or your local station)

02. Ruling the Roost: A Man's Guide to Wearing the Pants in the Family - Casey Donahew

01. Stupid-Ass Lines I Wouldn't Sing - Luke Bryan


  1. The Luke Bryan title also works if you move the hyphen one word to the right.

  2. Number 10 also applies to Dolly Parton...probably more so than Reba.



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