May 7, 2012

You're Not a Real Country Singer

...if mustang Sally is in yore set list #ewwwwposers - @triplexxxstacy

...if any of your song titles has (Country Version) next to it

...if the vocal intro to any of your songs is "Y'all better crank this one up"

...if you write about the beach, Wear a black straw hat, Wear a beanie, constantly have pop songs w/a banjo call them country or rap -@nolimitcattleco

...if you sing about trucks but drive a Bentley

...if you have glitter on your jeans pockets - @rawhidevelvet

...if you think a "Nudie suit" means you'll be appearing in Playgirl

...if you bought your 1st cowboy hat at the airport - @north_clt

...if you have to schedule country radio station visits around your band Staind's tour dates

...if there's a rap remix of your biggest hit are not being played on sirius outlaw country#60 - @opossumdaddy

...if your last name is Levox, Demarcus or Rooney -Matthew Waga on FB

...if you had to check Wikipedia to see if Merle Haggard was still alive or not

...if you cover "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in concert

...if you're Taylor Swift - @indigo81067

...if you're more into Ed Hardy than Ed Bruce

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