Jun 19, 2012

Country Music for Morons

Least essential compilation ever?


  1. Ok I'm more amused that Terri Clark is the only female on that list. Poor Terri lol.

    I like this post haha.

  2. For a second volume of this fine CD compilation, I nominate a few songs. I think "Silent Partners," definitely recorded by George Jones and probably some others should be on the list. It has the awful line "He is the adjective and she is the verb" to describe a couple. I'd also also say "Fighting Side of Me" by Merle Haggard is beyond idiotic. Then "This Ain't Mexico" by Buddy Jewell is definitely heard toward the Moron crowd. Johnny Cash's "Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" belongs. Loretta Lynn's "Fist City" belongs -- it brings male stupidity (fighting over loves) and brings it to the female sex, Cherokee Boogie by many including Johnny Horton. "Chug A Lug" by Roger Miller and covered by Toby Keith deserves a spot. "What'll You Do About Me" by creep Doug Supernaw (I think Randy Travis recorded it too) because that kind of stalking behavior seems consistent with the general idiocy of redneck country fans.

    ...Actually when you come to think of it, the CD "Country Music For Morons" would have to be a boxed set. There are sooo many country music songs for idiots. I think the challenge might be to come up with a "Country for Smart People" CD. That would be tough!

  3. Anonymous,

    You're just offended because you already have the track list for Country Music for Morons on your iPod.

  4. "Fist City"?

    "When he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can." That's just classic to me, so no way could I put that on a list for morons.



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