Jun 13, 2012

Country Tumblr and TwitterFAIL: June '12



  1. Generation Z sucks.

  2. Maybe the Mayans are right. End of the world is coming. Luke Bryan is a turd.

  3. I'm a Johnny Cash fan, but re: the Cash's voice is annoying tweet: I've heard lots of people make similar comments. And I know My mom couldn't stand his voice because she would complain bitterly if i tried to play his music when i came home from college breaks.

    I think Cash is a great and I love him, but he is polarizing. Its not a "fail" for someone not to like his voice.

  4. To be perfectly honest, Mayer's new album was actually pretty good. He gets a lot of shit because of his shitty frat songs (which is justified) but he can actually crank out some good stuff. All of the other stuff is dead on though. Fuck Luke Bryan.



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