Jan 1, 2013

Top 10 Goals for Scott Borchetta in 2013

10. Produce more songs that substitute rhyming words for curse words. 

9. Further soil the sanctity of country radio. 

8. Annihilate Trailer Parkman

7. Taylor Swift "Black"

6. Make it illegal to have a fiddle in the band even if  you're going to play in Texas. 

5. New Axe scent: Brantley

4. Rename it "The Grand New Opry"

3. Find more duos that are separated by a few miles and a state line. 

2. Punch Jason Isbell in the mouth for his comments on stage at the Americana Music Awards. 

1. Find out if Def Leppard is interested in doing a country album.

Thanks to Jeremy Harris for these!

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