Jan 29, 2014

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #69

Songwriting is about staying hip and relevant to pop culture and youth. If you wanna be an "artist" and play to 26 people in a Birmingham dive, that's your thing, but it's stupid. Authenticity is overrated. Nobody ever bought a Bugatti with honesty. I never heard of somebody putting a down payment on a 32,000 square foot house with integrity. I choose success. I choose big wheels on a big truck. I choose ballin', son! If you wanna roll like Mr. Johnny Rich, keep your ear to the winds of change. So what if you've got a voice like Chris Isaak? Has he gone platinum lately? Nah. Tim McGraw sounds like a weasel stuck in a carburetor normally, but he's got the most added song at country radio right now. Why? He knows how to follow trends and compromise himself for monetary gain. It's the American way, tricks. Jerrod Niemann was going nowhere as a "country singer/songwriter" until he started rapping and dropping the bass. Now he's pimpin' pimpin'! You see how it works. Drop your best intentions. Adjust your sails and let the fickle tide of adolescent whims guide your path to a Tag Heuer. Beeleeeeve dat!

*Not actually written by John Rich

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