Mar 14, 2014

Drop it Like a Tailgate (Girl)

(Drop it Like a) Tailgate
©2014 FTM Satire

Rick Ross on the Fosgates
Raptor rollin' can't be late
Country girl for a hot date
Cut-offs make my heart race
Drive out where the crops grow
Pickups by the dirt rows
Bass kickin' errbody know
She's here to rock the show

Drop it like a tailgate
Shake it like an earthquake
Wiggle like some live bait

Switch it up crank some Luke Bryan
Honey-thang move that behind
Fireballin' no I don't mind
Gettin' crunk like a combine
Bro mad-doggin' wanna fight
Chill dude, it's a'ight
Get faded on some Bud Light
Let's all have a good night
(And watch her)

Drop it like a tailgate
Stop it like a disk brake
Make a gay dude go straight

Every Friday I do the same
Wife beater and a wallet chain
Fly hotties and spittin' game
I already forgot her name

(but she can)
Drop it like a tailgate
Float it like a snowflake
Curvy as a rat snake

Drop it like a tailgate
Throw it like a bouquet
Hotter than a burnt steak

Thanks to @Cati_Jolyn for the cash money hook!

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