May 14, 2014

Treatment of Women on Country Radio

This little meme/graphic is currently going around on Tumblr.

Awwww, ain't that sweet???

Let's take a look at the roles of females in country music's current top 10 songs (not counting Miranda Lambert's "Automatic" and a couple of others). They are treated as if only expected to:

ride shotgun like it ain't no thang

sing with the radio

be pretty and give him a flirty look

move like that

wear daisy dukes

shake that moneymaker

wear tight jeans

be desirable

smile at the guy who "wants some of that"

be "fresh"

ride shotgun and give him kisses with great frequency

give him the impression that he might get some tonight

look good climbing in his Chevy

whisper to him your preferred destination

steal his ball cap and let your hair blow out the window

sway to the backbeat

Now, I'm no feminist, and I do this kind of stuff more for trolling than for social justice/artistic balance... 
but that just seems a bit skewed from reality and basic dignity, don't you think? 
Where art thou, country gentleman?


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