Dec 4, 2014

Country TwitterWINs: Dec. '14



  1. Stop. Giving. Florida. Georgia. Line. Ideas!!! ;)

    A Christmas song by them would probably look like this lyrically:


    "Yeah, we like a lil' Fireball in our egg nog,
    a lil' Crosby with our Rick Ross,
    a lil' mistletoe with your sweet love,
    we put our hands up like turtle doves,
    baby, you a Christmas song,
    imma be jinglin' your bells all night long,
    ho ho ho and a la la la,
    praisin' the Lord above or what not,
    all my party people, where you is,
    let's crank it up this country Christmas...



  2. ^ dear lord I actually heard them singing that as I was reading it! I'm scared now...



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