Dec 1, 2015

Local Man Arrested for Pepper Spraying Cover Band Singer

A festive Thanksgiving weekend show turned ugly Friday night and now a local man is in the county jail for assaulting a country singer.

Reginald Spears, 48, of Hop Holler Road, was taken into custody without incident Saturday morning at approximately 1:04 a.m. at the Hideaway Bar. Hideaway manager Thomas Reynolds says Spears pepper sprayed the singer of a cover band playing that night.

"(I-20 Outlaws lead singer) Brad Gilbert was singing a Luke Bryan song when all of the sudden Reggie dropped his pool stick and walked up to him and unloaded one of them pepper spray keychains directly into his mouth. Holy f***, man; he just fell on the floor crying and scraping at his neck." Reynolds related.

Reynolds called the cops as bar patrons escorted Mr. Spears out into the parking lot. Spears wasn't confrontational but continued to yell "That's my thirty dollars!" towards the band. Once outside, the I-20 Outlaws' bassist and merch manager attempted to retaliate, but the crowd kept them separated. 

When cops arrived, Spears was seated calmly on a planter and surrendered immediately. He was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Spears' friend Lucas McPhail filled us in on the details. "The band kept playing s*** that Reggie don't like - he's weird about that stuff… anyway, after they played a Georgia-Florida Line song or whoever, Reginald walked up and offered the singer 10 bucks not to play any more songs like that." 

McPhail continued "They took his money and not 10 minutes later, they played something else that got Reggie sideways so he handed 'em a 20 this time. When he came back to the pool table, he reached in my girlfriend's purse for something and went back to playing."

"It was all good for the next hour or two, but when they played that "Stripping it Down" song, that was what done it." said Lucas. "He yelled 'I told you not to ruin my night you sumb**ch' after he sprayed him. I was kinda p****ed cause that song gets my girlfriend in the mood"

Reginald Spears has a long and bizarre list of misdemeanors in his past, many related to his obsession with traditional country music, according to his wife Laverne. Spears' lawyer said he expects his client to get off with time served and 150 hours of community service.

At press time, Brad Gilbert was recuperating after the severe burns to his mouth and throat, and I-20 Outlaws had cancelled upcoming gigs at the VFW and opening for Colt Ford in Baton Rouge.


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  1. Is this real? If so this guys an asshole. He looks like he only listens to David Alan Coe.

    1. If this is real he's a hero. And probably listens to David Alan Coe, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Porter Wagner, George Jones, Hank William's and Jr, Twitty, Pride, Rich, Loretta Lynn, Wynette etc. You know REAL Country not this pussified bro bullshit they're trying to call country today. Give him a parade!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Need to play that tractor rap crap in a rock n roll dive. Nashville ain't country no more. All yall 20 somethings need to accept it. Not condoning this man's actions, he just knows what real country is. You can crap in tin foil and put a fish hook in it but that don't make it an ear ring. David allen coes pubic hair is more country than the Bieber Nashville crap rollin out of the play do factory these days.

  3. My favourite part of this post is the people who think that it's serious.

  4. sounds like he was already doing community service

  5. Simultaneously awesome and time to dial it down, I'd say...

  6. This is hilarious and could very well be serious in the south.



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