Jan 26, 2016

I'm Sorry, This Exists: January '16

These are all real products, stories, whatever, etc.

This shirt is great because it lets you know who to avoid.

This hard hitting country news...

And this even harder hitting country news...

Dale Watson panties. Almost NSFW.

Swipe left.

Farmersonly.com profile pic?

No thank you.

This Keith Urban inspired t-shirt with a glaring error.

Because f*** the environment!

A Brantley Gilbert bottle opener. Brantley doesn't drink.

Brantley Gilbert shot glass. Just a reminder: Brantley doesn't drink.

Florida-Georgia Line canvas shoes.

Florida-Georgia Line inspired cornhole boards.

Luke Bryan flannel. Good Lord, that's hideous.

Official Kane Brown squad member pin. No one else is allowed to wear it, dammit!

Pure class. You're getting lucky tonight, guy with indiscriminate taste!


  1. Good God, that Luke Bryan flannel is hideous. So is that stupid Kane Brown pin. And who on earth with half a brain in their head would want those FGL shoes? ;)

  2. Anytime I see anything realte Kane Brown I think of Australia and Kane Toads and then this




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