Apr 6, 2016

Hashtag Games: #fatcountrysongs

We had a hashtag game (don't know why they're called games - they're more like humorous brainstorming sessions, but whatever) yesterday on Twitter for #fatcountrysongs - and here are some of the best responses from our Twitter pals, and some I came up with myself. I came up with whole separate categories for Rascal Flatts and Garth Brooks.


Burger King of the Road

Ready Set Rolls

Onion Rings (George and Tammy)

My Churches

Two Kolache Home (Mark Chesnutt)

Where Corndogs Grow

Burger on Music Row

Ain't No Gravy

Country Girl (Bake it For Me)

Diabetes Man (Thomas Rhett)

Every Light in Waffle House is On

Hungry All the Time

Dairy Queen of My Doublewide Trailer

"Just Lettin' The Neck Roll" -Justin Moore  @WinstonWilson25


Life is a Subway
Let It Roast
Bless the Broken Bread
Prayin' for Vegemite
My Dish
I Melt (Velveeta on Everything)
Food Trucks and Freedom
Me and My Meringue


Callin' Dominos
Wraps Up in Me
People Loving Cheetos
Two Chicken Marinaras
Too Overweight, Sittin' at Waffle House
The Dinner Rolls
If Sbarro Never Comes
Friends at Bojangles

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