Jun 9, 2016

Carl Outlaw, Real Country Music Fan, Reviews Thomas Rhett's "Vacation"

Don't listen to the song here; I'm warning you.

What the three-toed f**k is this junk? I actually tried to listen for a few seconds because there was a girl in a bikini in the preview shot of the video. Bate and switch for sure. It sounded like some crap a 9 year old plays on the keyboard he gets for his birthday and never plays again after the first week. Is this a real song, Trailer? Your kidding me right?

Maybe Thomas is trying to be an outlaw by putting out something nobody can even listen too. That's pretty outlaw in a messed up way. There are a couple outlaw country singers today; Chris Stapelton, Jamie Johnson and Arrow Lewis. Tommy Rhett ain't one. The most outlaw thing he ever done was wait an extra week to get the oil changed in his bro-dozer pickup truck.

I haven't list listen to any new country in 20 plus years, and I don't plan to start after hearing fifteen seconds of this shit. todays socalled country is nothing but pure crap with pure crap singers like puke bryan and the like. Who ever told these guys that they can just put out any kind of song they feel like on a given day and call it country. I wish there would be a zombie uprising of dead country legends to put and end to this junk. Merle would go right for this little purty boy and ............................ (Edited for violent content - Trailer)

Let me get something out of the way: Who in the hell is Luke Bryan ?? Never hear of him. Didn't he used to clean George and Merle's boots once ??

Alright back to this cat-ass-trophy. No. Just no. If your going to ruin the legacy of a great music like country that give us George Jones and Johnny Cash, this is the way too do it. Normally I kinda exaggerate how bad these songs Trailer makes me review are (even though I don't really listen to them), but even I can't do it this time. Its as bad as a splinter in your pecker.

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