Sep 15, 2016

Carl Outlaw, Real Country Fan, Reviews Chris Lane's "For Her"

Chris Lane - For Her

Who is Chris Lane? Why does he look like the cool youth minister who stands a little to close too the girls? This guy sucks I can tell just from looking at him. Like Aaron Lewis says "that ain't country!"

I actually listened too a few seconds of this song and I hated it. His hair makes me want to cut all mine off so I have one less thing in common with this tool. It look like he got dressed at the mall walking from Holister to American Eagle to some other goofy ass pretty boy store. Stupid idiot. If all your doing in country music is trying to make girls like you you aren't country.  IN HIS WILDEST DREAMS WILL HE EVER QUALIFY COUNTRY STATUS.

I read the lyrics and their dumb to. What do you expect? Its more crap about riding around with a girl. It's a bunch of wussy mess that any red blooded American mail should be embarrassed to be caught dead listening too! If you have to listen to this in your ride to impress a girl, I''d rather buy a blow up doll. 

"She's got a laugh like confetti" is one of the lyrics. What the shit does that mean? Does she spray spit every where when she laughs? If so, she might not have any teeth. Is she really worth making a wimp of yourself for? Can you really sing, Chris? Or why do you have to kinda rap and do auto tune? Country music comes from the heart. Rap comes directly from the anus.

This song is terrible and if you listen too it let me know so I can unfollow you on Twitter if I had a Twitter account. If you like it you suck! Would you believe me if I told ya I have no clue who Luke Bryan is?

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  1. Here's my review
    Best fucking song of the album "Girl Problems" because of the lyric "She got a laugh like confetti"



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