Jan 18, 2017

Old-School Country Fan Who Just Heard of Sturgill Simpson Disappointed by Sturgill Simpson

Jimmy Lee Renner, who hasn't intentionally listened to the radio or watched CMT in years, avoids singers born after 1970, and has never sampled a recommended artist on Spotify, was terribly disappointed in Sturgill Simpson's Saturday Night Live appearance.

Vaguely recalling someone calling "some guy with a weird name like that" the savior of country music a few years back, Renner relented after a friend said he might like Simpson's music and that he was appearing on SNL. Renner stayed up past his usual 8 pm bedtime to suffer through "them perverted liberals telling jokes" in order to hear the supposed "country music Jesus." He says his jaw dropped open, spilling several ounces of Miller High Life when Simpson began to perform.

"That ain't how Hank Jr. done it," exclaimed Renner. "This guy had some fruity little jazz band and a crackhead playing an organ and not a fiddle in sight."

Somehow managing to make it another few minutes longer for Simpson's second tune, Renner was even more offended by the rollicking, sweaty performance of "A Call to Arms."

"Is this what they're calling country music these days?" asks Jimmy Lee. "Is he on tour with Luke Bryant or Cole Hunt or whoever? See this is why I never trust anybody but me about what's what. I half expected uh… who's that popular rap singer now? uh, LL Smoothe J to come out and hip hop around on a verse."

When told about Cody Jinks upcoming appearance on Conan, Renner stated "I don't know who Cody Jinks is and I only watch Leno ...once in a while."


  1. What is this supposed to be? You gonna try to separate the tradiitional country fans that championed roots/alt country that made this possible. It is the fans that brought Sturgill to the forefront, you don't have to use stupid stories like this to try to separate Sturgill from the traditional country that bore him. He came with a weak performance on SNL, his moment already happened it just happened before all the hipsters and millenials could be included so now they are projecting onto a weak performance so they can feel like they are part of something.

    1. Jacob give it a rest man. Just stop already. You are making yourself look like a fool on two websites now.

    2. It's just a satirical story that pokes fun at people who don't keep up with current music. If they wanted to hear country Sturgill, they should have paid attention 3 or 4 years ago when Saving Country Music (and FTM and others) were hyping him. He started out in an alt-country band that was as far from traditional country as his current sound is. I get that some didn't like the performance, but I've seen him live and I've watched several live streams of his shows and I still thought the SNL performance kicked ass. The "article" isn't intended to be mean-spirited...I get where folks like that are coming from; it's just not how I consume music.

  2. Here's another reason this works: Bro country fans think we're all like this guy. When I make a Luke Bryan joke on The Facebook I'll almost certainly have a first cousin (once removed) respond that they "like old music too!" thinking I'm like the two old guys at the beginning of Hank's "Young Country" video. ... But Jimmy Lee's right that he needs a pair of fiddles in the mix.

  3. So just because someone never heard him 4 years ago,tunes in now and sees nothing remotely close to country they get trashed? What the hell is that? "Oh man haha you shoulda seen him 4 years ago it's all L YOUR fault he ain't playing country no more TAKE THAT!"

    You make no sense on this one.If SNL is the first time a traditional fan seen him, who could blame em for thinking it was pure trash?

    And you say it's the same way now with Kelley Waldon and others that people better listen now not later..Why? Are they planning on going completely non country a few years from now too? Again, makes no sense to make fun of fans for wanting to hear country..

  4. Trailer, you got some douchebags commenting here. And by "douchebags, I mean Jacob. And Anonymous guy @10:39.

    I don't think they understand what "satire" is.

    If I may quote a Simpsons teacher to Ralph Wiggum: "The other children are right to laugh at you."

  5. Ohhh Simpsons quote fuckhead.You told us!!

    I probably been reading FTM longer than you "douchebag" and lmao all the time even when he trashes bands I like. It's the whole "if you don't like the new Sturgill album you're not cool" or you're dumb is what I'm sick of.

    1. Again, satire. I don't actually think someone like this guy isn't cool or is unworthy of respect or anything. Most of the acts we like don't get "big" without putting some rock or soul into their sound, but as I said, this is more about realizing there's good music out there all the time, not just when the buzz builds.

    2. "Again, makes no sense to make fun of fans for wanting to hear country."

      What this site DOES is make fun of everything. YOU don't understand the concept of "satire."

      You moron. I'm making fun of you now.


      I'm pointing my finger, laughingly saying, "Look at the douchebag who doesn't know what satire is."



  6. Right after SNL performance tons of people agreed it was not a very good performance. As pressure mounted from multiple sources (blogs, entertainment sites ect...) because of the internet traffic it caused opinions to change. I have been a Sturgill Simpson fan for years, I bought ASGTE as soon as it came out. I said I didn't like the SNL performance and tons of the folks that had agreed with me or had been pretty critical of ASGTE switched gears and attacked me. This has pushed me further away from S.S. And made me take a more critical look at him. Alabama shakes was better, turnpike Troubadours are miles better in terms of live performance. Traditional fans are the one supporting what y'all call roots music, that's why I said something. I'm not a douchebag, I don't let anyone tell me what to think. This satire is underpinned with some sort of animosity, and feels like a poorly timed insult.

    1. It's not about people who've been Sturgill fans for years. I get that perspective completely. And we joke about everybody; it's fun to pick on 'us' every now and then. No need to take it too seriously.

    2. I get what you're saying just don't completely agree and we don't have to agree. There IS this whole thing going right now if you don't think everything the dude does is AMAZING,you're insulted.
      Look no further than the nut case above who sounds much like the pop country fans from YouTube you make fun of. Key board warrior guy wouldn't have the balls to say anything to one's face..Anyway,I'm done Keep on keeping on Trailer!



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