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Jun 24, 2021

Andy Samberg Country Reaction Gifs

Coworker: "Would you please go to the FGL show with me? Tickets were $125 and my girlfriend can't go"

If you flip by the country station and wonder where the country is...

Why haven't you listened to Lori McKenna's last album yet?

Secret footage of Dan Smyers' (of Dan + Shay) audition

Did you used to like Chris Young and what do you think of his recent music?

What's it feel like with all the live shows getting on the road again?

When your friend is engaged to somebody who only likes mainstream country

When Jon Pardi is playing a show in your town, then you see who his opening acts are

How horny was Conway Twitty?

Dec 23, 2020

SNL Christmas Country Reaction Gifs

 When you get that Johnny Cash Mercury box set for Christmas

When your country-hating uncle makes the same old tired "get your dog back, get your wife back..." joke to you at the family Christmas gathering

Name one better singer than Kane Brown

Just because it's music don't mean it's art

When your unobservant aunt gets you a Florida-Georgia Line cd for Christmas

When that champagne punch and homemade eggnog hit

Country DJs when female artists make station visits

When somebody plays "The Christmas Shoes" at the holiday party

Leroy The Redneck Reindeer
Hooked to the front of the sleigh
Delivering toys to all the good ol' boys
And girls along the way

Still better than a Sam Hunt album

Oct 16, 2020

Morgan Wallen Fans Announce Boycotts Over SNL Drop


Two weekends ago, Morgan Wallen spent his Saturday drinking and canoodling with sorority girls at the University of Alabama. One weekend ago, Wallen was supposed to make his Saturday Night Live debut, but that didn’t happen. Due to its COVID policies, SNL was forced to replace Wallen with singer/songwriter/guitarist Jack White, and fans of the mulleted pop-country singer are not pleased.

“It don’t exist… Covid don’t exist!” said Laura Hagar of South Carolina, “It’s a liberal hoax to make sure Sleepy Joe wins the election. And now it’s hurt my baby, Morgan!” Hagar has seen over 20 Wallen concerts and even has his autograph tattooed across her C-section scar. “And I seen people on Facebook talking down on him cause he was kissing them girls even though he’s got a new baby. B**ch, life don’t end just cause you daddy. Anyway, I will never watch MBC again. (sic)”

Larry Keel, another Wallen fan, is taking a similar approach. “I’m boycotting Saturday Night Live, starting 22 years ago because that’s when I was born, and I’ve never watched it,” he said. “And I’m not gone start now - they coulda brought him out there in a HAZMAT suit… it’s bullsh**.”

The Morgan Wallen Nation, a fan page on Facebook, has declared that it will boycott NBC, SNL, and all of Saturday Night Live’s sponsors, including Bud Light and Apple. “Axe Body Spray is going to be a tough one, but I’m sure there are options out there to keep us smelling like if tribal tattoos were an odor.” read one post. 

“Who the hell is Jake White?” asked one fan on Twitter. “I watched him for 10 seconds and he was to ugly for me too look at. Give me my sexy country boy SNL!!!” 

Wallen, for his part, has apologized for his behavior and for ruining his opportunity. “I think I have some growing up to do.” said the singer.

At press time, a subset of his fans have taken exception to his contriteness, calling him a “soy boy” and a “cuck” and vowing to throw their support to Luke Combs.

Mar 8, 2017

Saturday Night Live Country Reaction Gifs

Country purists would have you believe 
no good country music was created after

Oh, you're going to see Kyle Park?

 When somebody whose musical taste you respect says 
the Moonshine Bandits are a guilty pleasure

Does Luke Bryan suck?

Even more of this couldn't help Florida-Georgia Line

And then what happened to the Knoxville girl?

 A truly underrated country song

 If Trebek doesn't like Chris Knight...

Jan 18, 2017

Old-School Country Fan Who Just Heard of Sturgill Simpson Disappointed by Sturgill Simpson

Jimmy Lee Renner, who hasn't intentionally listened to the radio or watched CMT in years, avoids singers born after 1970, and has never sampled a recommended artist on Spotify, was terribly disappointed in Sturgill Simpson's Saturday Night Live appearance.

Vaguely recalling someone calling "some guy with a weird name like that" the savior of country music a few years back, Renner relented after a friend said he might like Simpson's music and that he was appearing on SNL. Renner stayed up past his usual 8 pm bedtime to suffer through "them perverted liberals telling jokes" in order to hear the supposed "country music Jesus." He says his jaw dropped open, spilling several ounces of Miller High Life when Simpson began to perform.

"That ain't how Hank Jr. done it," exclaimed Renner. "This guy had some fruity little jazz band and a crackhead playing an organ and not a fiddle in sight."

Somehow managing to make it another few minutes longer for Simpson's second tune, Renner was even more offended by the rollicking, sweaty performance of "A Call to Arms."

"Is this what they're calling country music these days?" asks Jimmy Lee. "Is he on tour with Luke Bryant or Cole Hunt or whoever? See this is why I never trust anybody but me about what's what. I half expected uh… who's that popular rap singer now? uh, LL Smoothe J to come out and hip hop around on a verse."

When told about Cody Jinks upcoming appearance on Conan, Renner stated "I don't know who Cody Jinks is and I only watch Leno ...once in a while."

Jan 16, 2017

Notes Concerning Sturgill Simpson and Live Network Television

Notes Concerning Sturgill Simpson 
and Live Network Television

By Kevin Broughton

Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean.  – Josey Wales

Nashville, it ain’t like he didn’t warn you. And by summer’s end Sturgill Simpson had had a bellyful. Of you, and your suits, and your black little money-grubbing hearts. One of your favored kingmakers, some Mary named “Bobby Bones,” summed up your indifference to actual art by referring to him as Sturgis Simpson. To be fair, it was Garden & Gun’s cowardly betrayal of a dying Merle Haggard that finally set him off, but his point was unambiguous: I don’t need you. Keep promoting talentless hacks who can’t write songs and need machines to get their voices barely past the level of “vomit-inducing.” I’m done with you.

If country music is to be saved – as opposed to burned down and rebuilt somewhere far away from Music Row’s satanic pit – Sturgill’s blistering performance on Saturday Night Live will be seen as the turning point. 

Most folks who’ve worn out A Sailor’s Guide to Earth probably anticipated the songs he’d pick to introduce himself to the nation on such a prestigious platform.  December’s pleasant surprise of two Grammy nominations had millions asking, “Who is Sturgill (as opposed to Sturgis) Simpson?”

“Keep it Between the Lines” was a perfect how-do-you-do. On a concept album – in the form of a love letter to his newborn son – full of intensity, it’s a cut featuring wry advice that induces smiles. Pause the DVR quickly enough and you’ll see the hint of a smile from the man himself; but overall it was a warmup.

The real heat came with “Call to Arms.” Fitting, as Simpson used it as the show-closer throughout his recent tour. And for close to five minutes, the SNL stage positively burned. The band started fast. And the tune only built in intensity by the moment – by the measure, really – in a way you couldn’t have imagined and still might not believe after re-watching several times. Chances are you’re still shaking your head. If anyone’s seen a more hair-raising musical experience on live television, speak up.

It ended with a power-slammed guitar, to match an upturned organ stage right. Was there a semblance of a grin? Look closely:


That face? It’s saying, “Get some. Who’s next?”

And Nashville, he’s looking at you. You brought this on yourself, Music Row.  Maybe you’ll keep promoting a 40-year-old in painted-on jeans who thrusts his junk on stage and sings about finger banging drunk girls in his truck. Or tatted-up white trash clowns that duet with their Backstreet Boyfriends. But only for a short while.

Because Sturgill Simpson judged you on August 29, 2016, and you were found wanting: Guilty of crimes against art, integrity, and musical humanity. There will be no phone call from the governor with a last minute reprieve. Your death will be fittingly slow, because on January 14, 2017, judge became executioner at 30 Rockefeller Center and with two songs, started the gradual drip of a fatal drug cocktail.

Twenty years ago Todd Snider famously quipped – and you can find it on the occasional T-shirt – “In a perfect world, Steve Earle would run Nashville.”

In a couple years, Sturgill Simpson will.


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